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Mon 12.20

Barielle Total Care Cream

Are you neglecting your feet because it’s winter and they’re hidden in boots?  Okay, I’m guilty of the same but when I saw how dry and cracked my heels were last week I decided to take serious action!  Heels are a funny part of the body, the skin doesn’t absorb or retain moisture well so […]

Thu 12.09

New Caldrea Balsam Figleaf Collection

For holiday Caldrea has come-out with two new scents Balsam Figleaf and Peppermint Amaryllis. I haven’t sampled the Peppermint (not a fan of minty anything, in fact my aversion runs so deep that until a few weeks ago I was still using bubble gum Barbie toothpaste!), but I was sent a sample of their hand […]

Fri 12.03

Frugal Snob: Kiss My Face Charity Holiday Collection

Anything that gets the seal of approval of my local Health Nut store, Fairway’s organic/health section, and Whole Foods usually gets my vote – and Kiss My Face is prominently displayed at all three (note that if you’re in NYC some items from the line are currently on sale at Fairway:-)). A favorite of those […]

Wed 11.24

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Soap Sets

A few weeks ago I was a little early for a lunch date at Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center, so I wandered over to Crabtree & Evelyn to stock-up on soaps. Crabtree is one of the few places I can still get non-liquid hand soap – even L’Occitane has been cutting back on […]

Mon 10.25

L’Occitane 2010 Holiday Collection

About an hour before I headed to JFK to board a flight to San Francisco I stopped by L’Occitane’s Columbus Avenue store to check-out their 2010 Holiday collection – and boy was it worth the rush! The weather in NYC has quickly turned to being unbearably dry, so I’ve completely changed my skincare routine and […]

Fri 08.13

Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil Pen

My cuticles are so dry from constant hand washing here in Asia (I even bought Japanese paper soap!)– I’m not usually such a germ-a-phobe but you never know and since my 5 year old is with me, I don’t take any chances! I mean, I can easily fix crackling hands and cuticles compared to catching […]

Tue 06.29

Barielle’s Fungus Rx for scary nails

Have you ever had fungus on your fingernails? I have not but it sounds really gross, a friend who had it told me her fingernail even had a weird smell from the fungus (gag!).  She also said it took forever to go away and that it spreads to other nails if you’re not careful.  Apparently […]

Fri 04.30

Butter London Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator

No matter how great your nail polish, you’ll still look like a vagabond if your cuticles are raggedy. I do not recommend cutting the cuticles yourself at home but there are things you can do to look manicure fresh daily. The best cuticle eliminator product I have ever tried is from Butter London (you’d think […]

Tue 04.27

Thymes Ambersweet Orange Summer 2010 Collection

Thymes has just introduces their latest collection, the Ambersweet Orange Collection. As always the line has a clean, refreshing, not-too-strong, but just-strong-enough to sooth, smell. There are 14 items in the collection ranging from hand lotions to fragrance mists all of which are formulated with orange blossom, tonka bean, vanilla, nutmeg, sandalwood, and cardamom. Don’t let […]