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Mon 01.18
The Right Way to Detox

The Right Way to Detox

I, like many resolutionaries out there, am on a clean-eating regimen to kick off the new year. And like everyone else with a resolution – or three – I will be vigilant for a solid two weeks before I slowly start to taper off and end up feeling depressed about my lack of resolve. So rather than subject myself to some overly-ambitious, extreme plan that’s bound to fail, how about taking small steps every day?

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Decoding Detoxing
Decoding Detoxing
Decoding Detoxing
Decoding Detoxing
Mon 12.28
"Health" Foods That Do More Harm Than Good

“Health” Foods That Do More Harm Than Good

With little to no regulation in this country, many big food companies label their products as “healthy” and “natural,” leading people to think what they’re consuming is healthy when it’s anything but. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Just because your Oreo-like cookie is organic doesn’t make it a health food. To find out more, I turned to senior registered dietitian at Selvera Wellness, Amanda Foti, and asked her to bust what she considers to be the most common healthy food myths.

Wed 11.25

ADORAtherapy: Mood-Boosting Aromatherapy Sprays

There’s nothing that will affect my mood quite the way the weather will. When it’s sunny, minor annoyances just roll off my shoulder; when it’s cold or stormy, I’m just PISSED.ALL.THE.TIME. To this day, I question how I survived four years at Cornell…though, truth be told, I didn’t go to class all that much because of my issues with the weather

Mon 10.05
Eat These Foods for a Better Mood

Eat These Foods for a Better Mood

Most of us women think about food a lot…what we should be eating, what we shouldn’t be eating, do we have enough time to cook, are we eating enough healthy foods, are we going to gain weight….we could literally drive ourselves crazy!

Thu 09.10
Kusmi Sailor Box by Jean Paul Gaultier

Kusmi Sailor Box by Jean Paul Gaultier

Love this!! Kusmi’s collaborative efforts just keep getting better and better. This is zooming to the top of my holiday covet list (test, test, test to see if my mother does in fact read everything I write like she claims…).

Thu 08.27

Non-Toxic Tampons: Worth the Hype?

I was at The Health Nut the other day when my friend spotted organic tampons and laughed. At first I laughed too…just another marketing plot to make money, but then I thought about it and actually, it seems to make perfect sense.

Wed 08.19

The Best Celeb Beauty Secret is Surprisingly Cheap

It’s easy to trust Tracy Anderson…

Tue 08.18
What is the Difference Between Red, Brown, White, and Black Rice??

What is the Difference Between Red, Brown, White, and Black Rice??

I recently got hooked on rice crackers called Laiki Crackers. They’re 100% wholegrain rice crackers that are gluten-free and made with black or red rice, a little oil, a little salt and nothing else.

Wed 07.22
Pace, Nicolette

Foods that will Affect Your Mood for the Better – and the Worse

It’s no secret that eating chocolate and french fries tends to only cause temporary delight (it’s not for nothing that they say “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips…”). But that’s not all. Food can greatly affect our mood, and it goes way beyond “food guilt.”