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Thu 03.06

Jawbone UP vs. Nike FuelBand

At this point it seems that everyone I know either has a FuelBand or a Jawbone, and so in an attempt to see what all the hype was about ,I tried out Jawbone’s UP24 wristband, which tracks how you sleep, move, and eat for a few days. The rubber bracelet comes in a bunch of colors and is easy enough to blend into your wardrobe.

Fri 02.14

Natural Cure-All: The Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Odds are when you think of apple cider vinegar you think of an all-purpose household cleaner or something that you’d mix into your salad dressing, but it actually has a slew of benefits if you drink it or put it on your skin. First and foremost it works wonders if you have food poisoning!

Tue 02.04
Alexander Wang Wants You to Get Fit

Alexander Wang Wants You To Get Fit

Wang pioneered luxe sportswear so it’s fitting that he’s expanded with sportswear “objects” as he calls them, and, well, I’m obsessed! At first I kind of rolled my eyes thinking these fell into the category of superfluous nonfunctional frills, and while maybe spending $135 on a jumprope is superfluous, it’s function and to-die-for chic.

Fri 01.17

Coconut Oil: It’s Not Just For The Kitchen

Despite the rise in popularity of coconut water people often have bad associations with coconuts because they think they’re high cholesterol. It’s actually one of the healthiest oils to cook with because it’s high in immunity-boosting lauric acid and it can help with nutrient absorption, digestion, and more.

Tue 01.07

TEAtox to Retox with Your Tea

I posted a picture of TEAtox ($35 for 42 bags) on Facebook, and I got a half dozen e-mails from friends asking me about it – every single one of them ordered it…what woman – for better or worse – isn’t looking to detox?

Tue 12.17
puritan pride

Website to Watch: Puritan’s Pride

Looking for a place to stock up on supplements, vitamins, sports powders, natural beauty products, and more? Puritan’s Pride has them all and sells them at affordable prices. That’s not all, though – they’ve got a ton of detox tea, coffees, pet products, children’s products, and a whole section dedicated to sports nutrition.

Wed 10.23
The National Asian Breast Cancer Initiative

The National Asian Breast Cancer Initiative: Prevention is the Best Medicine

This is what breast cancer activist Susan Shinagawa heard from her doctor when a sonogram revealed a solid mass, and she was denied a biopsy – “Asian women don’t get breast cancer.” Did you know that Asian women in the U.S. face unique cultural, linguistic, and genetic challenges related to breast cancer?

Mon 10.21
Raw-Vegan Mecca

Raw-Vegan Mecca: One Lucky Duck

I’m obsessed with One Lucky Duck. I could eat a pack of their crispies, cookies, and macaroons every day – like a whole pack no problem (well maybe 1/4 pack for macaroons…).

Thu 10.10

Botanical Me: Get An Instant Energy Boost

Botanical Me is a new aromatherapy product line inspired by some of Africa’s most powerful healing plants. ME actually stands for Malaria Eradication since the brand partnered with Malaria No More, a global non-profit. Product sales directly go to help supply mosquito nets, education, and ACT Medical treatments.