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Thu 06.25

Juice Press Introduces Supplement Line

Don’t we all wish the answer to a lean, sexy, healthy body could be found in pill form. Unfortunately anyone who tells you that is lying and you shouldn’t trust them with your money because if things were that easy we’d all be looking like Gisele.

Mon 06.22

Snacks: Eat This, Not That

Snacking is an inevitable part of most of our daily lives, but choosing which snacks to opt for can be confounding (besides the obvious healthy choices like apples and carrots). To find out what to eat when we’re not in the mood for celery sticks we turned to nutritionist Stacy Goldberg…

Fri 06.19
Why You Should Consider Transcendental Meditation

Why You Should Consider Transcendental Meditation

Enlightenment Is Sexy author Valerie Gangas turned tragedy into triumph after the painful death of her mother. “On January 25, 2011, I lost the love of my life, my mother,” she explained. “We had a bond that can only be described at soulmate level.

Thu 06.11
It's National Running Month!

The Five Running Tips You Need to Know

I hate running, but once a week I go for a six-mile run with my trainer. Somewhere around mile two I feel like a dying horse and start complaining. If it weren’t for my trainer, I’d probably never make it past mile three, but every week that I cross the six-mile mark, I feel such a sense of accomplishment.

Wed 06.10

From PMS to Stress, Try These Healing Herbs to Combat Your Biggest Health Concerns

Before you fall face first into a prescription drug cocktail, you might be surprised to learn that many commonly found herbs have been proven to help treat a variety of ailments – with no side effects.

Fri 06.05
A Helpful Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction

A Helpful Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction

By now we all know that sugar addiction is a major health challenge for Americans (we each consume an average of 140 pounds of sugar and white flour every year), and from personal experience many of us know that going cold turkey usually doesn’t work.

Thu 06.04
A Quickie Workout Circuit You Can Do On-The-Go

A Quickie Workout Circuit You Can Do On-The-Go

Whether you’re traveling and confined to your hotel room or you simply don’t have time to hit up the gym, we’ve got a quick workout circuit you can do no matter where you find yourself.

Tue 06.02

Diet and Nightmares: They’re More Related than You Think

Have you ever noticed that you have trouble getting a good night sleep after eating a lot of sugar? I have. And after many nights of sleeping poorly – even after cutting out chocolate late at night – I turned to the culinary nutritionist…

Mon 06.01
Everything You Need to Know about Water - Including if You're Drinking Enough

Everything You Need to Know about Water – Including if You’re Drinking Enough

If you ever find yourself stuck in a period with lots of breakouts and skin unevenness, try amping up your water intake. It’s amazing how much drinking water instead of coffee, soda, etc. can make a difference.