Tue 05.07

Beauty Beverage: Kusmi BB Detox

I’m a major tea drinker. It’s rare that I go a day without having at least one big cup and I’d opt for tea over alcohol pretty much any day. It’s great for your health and your skin and now Kusmi is capitalizing on that by launching a fun play on BB creams with a […]

Fri 05.03

Move Over Gwyneth Paltrow… A Guilt-Free Summer Recipe To Try Now

Inevitably this time of year we’re bombarded with people telling us things we should do to get a “summer body.” It’s pretty lame if you ask me and it’s completely unrealistic for anyone to go from a diet based heavily on fried and processed foods to a clean one based on fresh produce overnight. There […]

Fri 04.26

EBOOST: Natural Energy

A bunch of the trainers and gym go-ers at my gym drink EBOOST pre-workout for extra energy. I don’t ever crave these kinds of energy drinks, but given how health conscious all the people I see drinking EBOOST are I was intrigued. The line also has everyone from Oprah to Heidi Klum to Jillian Michaels […]

Wed 04.24

Hum Nutrition

I’m on the fence when it comes to vitamin supplements. For every study that says they work, there’s one that says all you do is pee them out. Obviously it’s best to get everything you need from the foods you eat, but that isn’t necessarily always possible (and if you live in a city like […]

Mon 04.15

Why You Should Be Using Mouthwash and What to Look For

I’m not sure if this is exclusively a New York anxiety thing, but I had to get a gum graft done and a bunch of my friends have had to have the same procedure. This isn’t something people usually need until they’re 50-60 I’m told and occurs when your gums start to wear down. In […]

Mon 03.04

Look Stretchmark-Free, Celebrity Mama Style

It’s kind of insane how some celebrities are able to bounce back after pregnancy (Claire Danes being the latest…). The key from everything I’ve heard is to stay active during your pregnancy. To that end Tracy Anderson launched a series of workouts DVDs, which she filmed in real time during her pregnancy. There is one […]

Fri 03.01

Snack Right

For better or worse most nights my dinner isn’t so much a dinner, but a mix of about 1,000 different little things. No matter what I make sure to include fruits, vegetables and some kind of protein (usually salmon), but inevitably cookies (sugar is my major weakness!), baguette (bread is my second weakness!), will make […]

Tue 02.26

Pure Yoga’s Halle Becker Dishes on Inner Zen

Donna Karan, Sting, Michelle Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow….it’s not for nothing that most zen-seeming celebrities are vocal about their passion for yoga. Not only does it build strength and flexibility, it helps calm an overactive mind – a key for great skin (and just overall sanity!), given that few things are worse for your body than […]

Thu 02.21

The Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

When I saw an ad for Squatty Potty randomly pop-up on my screen I took a picture and emailed it out to a few friends…how hilarious I thought…I couldn’t even believe it was real! Who the hell is going to put a stool like that around their toilet, let alone one called Squatty Potty?? Turns […]