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Thu 09.12

Vintage TeaWorks: Is Tea the New Wine?

It’s happened on more than a few occasions that I’ve been out with friends and instead of ordering a glass of wine or champagne, I’ll have some tea. My vices are bread and sugar and have never included alcohol – even when I was in college. I’m a tea addict however and it’s so fantastic for not only your health, but your skin (though I realize when you’re out it might not be the best beverage of choice, but I’ve never been one to give into peer pressure!).

Wed 09.11
Dairy and Soy

Dairy and Soy: Why You Might Want to Stay Far, Far Away

I’ve long known that dairy leaves me feeling bloaty. I’m fine if I have a slice of cheese here and there or a little bit in my cereal and it’s not a problem if the dairy is in say a piece of cake, but if I have any more than that I end up looking like I’m pregnant for a few hours…

Thu 08.29

Why You Might Be Eating Metal And What To Do About It

The NYTimes recently published a very interesting story on lipsticks – and by interesting I mean I’m thanking my lucky stars that I usually opt for Blistex instead of a color product. We’ve long heard that some lipsticks have lead in them – lead has been associated with a slew of ailments including infertility, learning and behavior disorders, seizures, and even death, and that’s exactly why it’s been banned from products we’re exposed to everyday like paint.

Thu 08.01

Your Burning Supplement and Weight Loss Questions Answered

There is so much information (and misinformation…), out there when it comes to supplements and weight loss I wanted to go straight to a reliable source. I spoke with Michele McRae, Sr. Director of Research, Formulation & Quality at Rainbow Light, to find out more about some dos and donts. Why are there such big […]

Wed 07.31

Health Kick: Australian-Style Yogurt, Noosa

I’ve been pretty obsessed with probiotics lately (who doesn’t want a healthy gut??!), and have been eating a ton of Greek non-fat yogurt, but when I’m looking for something a little bit better at soothing my sweet cravings, I reach for Noosa. It’s an Australian yogurt – i.e. a Greek-style yogurt that’s sweetened with honey.

Fri 07.19

The Skinny on Skinny

There are so many skinny branded products out there and admittedly I was biased after finding out just how much sugar is in “skinny pioneer” Bethenny Frankel’s products. Obviously you can brand anything skinny…it’s not a regulated term like “organic” and it’s a pretty easy way to make people more likely to buy your products.

Fri 07.12

Tea Lovers: Primula Flavor It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System

My friend sent me this article from the WSJ last week – who knew there was such a thing as National Ice Tea Month?? Any excuse to talk about the benefits of tea I’ll take it! I drink it pretty much every day and it works wonders on not only your skin, but your stress levels and countless studies have shown that the polyphenols derived from tea can help ward off several chronic diseases.

Tue 07.09

Bestowed: The Best Healthy Products In A Box

Rare is the day I don’t pop into my local health food store at one point or another so when it comes to healthy snacks…I’ve seen countless. If there’s one thing I’ve gathered from checking out celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer’s new monthly subscription service, Bestowed, however it’s that there’s always something new and great to try.

Fri 07.05

Beauty Food: Greek and Icelandic Yogurt

I try not to eat too much dairy because I have a hard time digesting it, but one thing I’m trying to keep in my diet is Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt’s protein content is usually double that of regular yogurt and it’s rich in probiotics, friendly bacteria that lives in our intestines.