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Wed 01.28
Luisa via Roma Firenze4Ever Style Lab, Part 2

Luisa via Roma Firenze4Ever Style Lab, Part 2: Boys will be Boys

Not only did I get to play dress up while in Florence for Luisa via Roma’s biannual Firenze4Ever event, I got to dress up a couple of gorgeous male models too! In honor of Men’s Fashion Month, I pulled together some fresh, spring looks for the boys…

Wed 06.11
Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Simple Things

Men tend to do a better job at keeping their closets streamlined. A mom may have more clothes and accessories than she has room for (a perfectly reasonable excuse to expand said closet if you ask moi), but a dad? Just a few special pieces. And because the quantity is low, the quality must be high, so for Father’s Day, don’t give him a million little quirky presents. Invest in one truly Snobby gift that will last him a lifetime…

Tue 02.18
Golden Goose Double Zip Bag

Golden Goose Double Zip Bag: Ready for Takeoff

The ultimate bag would be one you can buy for your man and sometimes borrow because you actually bought it for yourself and needed a slick justification. This would be one of those bags. The carry-on is something that I have perfected. I bring A LOT of stuff on the plane with me – a blanket, a pillow, an eye mask, a cosmetic pouch with maximum hydration products, food, water, my iPad…

Sat 01.11
Firenze4Ever with Luisa via Roma

Firenze4Ever with Luisa via Roma: Part Three

The third installment of my Italian adventures in styling (and modeling): These are the final looks from my stay in Florence. Naturally, they are also the most avant-garde of the trio.

Thu 01.09
Firenze4Ever with Luisa via Roma

Firenze4Ever with Luisa via Roma: Part One

Touted as the Oscars of the digital fashion world, FIRENZE4EVER is a three-day global fashion event like no other. My fifth time attending as host Luisa via Roma’s guest brought me once again to the most magical city in Italy.

Mon 12.16
Top 5 Latest Man Bags

Top 5 Latest Man Bags: Behind Every Good Man…

It’s time for another roundup of my favorite man bags, the ones that have recently inspired me. Not only to do some shopping for the men in my life, but to get in touch with my tomboy side. Minimal and functional, sensible and stylish: they’re all about simplicity.

Fri 12.06
The 2013 Snob Holiday Gift Guide

The 2013 Snob Holiday Gift Guide

Tina and I have rounded up this year’s best holiday gifts!

Wed 11.20
Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Making a List, Checking It Twice

It would be easy to get all of your loved ones the same generic gift, but that takes all of the fun out of it! I like to tailor presents to each individual, whether it’s my hubby, dearest friend, or the host of a party.

Fri 06.28
Louis Vuitton SS14 Men's Bags

Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 Menswear Collection: It’s a Man’s World

Tina becomes envious of Louis Vuitton’s new tote bags for men.