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Wed 04.04

YÜLI Skincare: Refreshingly Simple

I’m always a fan of trying something new, and skincare is something where I tend to stick to my favorites. A friend of mine recently introduced me to a new line called YÜLI and from that moment on I was floored. The appeal of the slick packaging and the clean and simple products is honestly […]

Thu 03.29

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme: Eau, It’s On Dude

I remember way back when I first picked up a bottle of Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport: I hadn’t even entered high school yet! I loved the brisk scent, and the refreshing notes that came along with it. I was so in love with the cologne that it led to several Chanel purchases after. Now, Chanel […]

Fri 01.27

Top 5 Gifts for Men on Valentine’s Day: Soothe His Heart Away

So Valentine’s Day is on the horizon like a shark in the water, and you don’t know what to get an important guy in your life. Well, I’ve got news for you: he wants to be pampered! While we may not admit it, guys like to feel and look good too! So here’s a go-to […]

Wed 07.13

Braun x Lacoste Essential Grooming Set: For Looking Fly on the Fly

We love a good collaboration, and here’s one we know our man snobs will appreciate. How often does your man meet you right after hitting the gym? And he’s likely sweaty, smelly, and slightly unkempt. We like our guys rugged, but they’ve got to be presentable! Finally, he can properly groom himself before hitting the […]

Mon 05.16

Remington “Smooth & Silky” Rechargeable Shaver with Aloe Vera: Smooth Operator

This may just be the best shaver ever invented for women. So great that my hubby, for the first time, may be sneaking off with one of my beauty products! How many times have I put on a skirt and realized I forgot to shave? I’d grab a shaver, dab on some lotion and dry […]

Thu 04.28

Anthony Logistics for Men Glycolic Facial Cleanser: One Man’s Trash is a Woman’s Treasure

There is a reason why Anthony Logistics’ Glycolic Cleanser for men has been a top-seller at Sephora’s for ten years now. I bought it for my husband because he complains about the razor burn he sustains from the bumps on his face. I’ve tried to encourage him to exfoliate and do this and that, but […]

Mon 03.28

Tom Ford Launches Body Products

Forget about his re-entry into womenswear because as far as I’m concerned the best thing that Tom Ford has done since leaving Gucci and YSL is developing his beauty line! First there were his fragrances (I’ve been nothing short of obsessed with White Suede since its launch), then were were his lipsticks (I wouldn’t dare […]

Mon 02.07

Valentines Day Gift Guide: Make Your Man Feel Like A Million Bucks

Ah, the Valentines Day conundrum as to what to buy the boy. What shall we go for this year…a wallet, a money clip? A sexy piece of lingerie that you will wear for him for 4.7 seconds then shove in the very bottom of your underwear drawer and accidentally toss out one day thinking it […]

Tue 01.25

Kiehl’s New 3-Step Kits

Any ladies out there wondering what it takes to get a man using beauty products…have you given your man something from Kiehl’s?? I’ve yet to come across a boy, man, husband, boyfriend, friend – whatever – that doesn’t love the line. My boyfriend, dad, brother, a bunch of my mom’s friends’ husbands (including one who […]