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Wed 11.27
butter set

Frugal Snob: Start Buying Holiday Sets NOW

Retailers are now slowly starting to release their limited edition holiday gift sets and if past years are any indication, the good ones will sell out before the holidays. Whether you have a million people to shop for or whether you plan to splurge on no one but yourself, head to your nearest Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, etc. now!

Tue 11.26
Snob Gift Set Alert

Snob Gift Set Alert: Ciaté Mini Mani Set

File this gift set under “things that make me wish I celebrated Christmas.” How cute is this!!! Not only is it an amazing deal at $58 ($100 value), it’s an awesome gift – or treat for yourself. Ciaté Mini Mani Month Set has 21 days worth of polishes…

Mon 11.25
Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013: Glitz, Glam, and Gift Giving

The holidays are all about nostalgia, so to celebrate the season, Bobbi Brown is bringing us back – to Old Hollywood! American screens icons inspired the collection, featuring jet black ink liner ($27), va-va-voom lip color ($28), and glittery polishes ($18). And that’s not all Bobbi gotten you for the Holidays – she’s also released the Gift Giving collection.

Thu 10.24
Why You Might Want To Consider Non-Toxic Polishes

Why You Might Want To Consider Non-Toxic Polishes

Ignore any marketing fluff around nail polish that says natural or any variant on that word. There is no such thing as natural or organic polish as they are all made from chemicals and various dyes.

Mon 08.26
Best Opalescent Nail Polishes

Best Opalescent Nail Polishes: Fall Frosting

When you think of frosted nail polishes, you probably think back to those scary ‘80s shades, yet thanks to new technology, you can get your shine with shimmer and depth. Trust me, I never thought I’d recommend frosty green polish, but there you have it – I’m sporting Chanel’s Alchimie (at Chanel for $27) as I type this.

Wed 08.14

Get the Look: Beyonce’s Metallic Nails

Judging by most of the influencers in the nail color game metallics are it for fall. Countless brands including essie and Estee Lauder are launching metallic collections for the coming season and I’m loving them because for once they’re saturated metallic hues! Remember when Minx nails were having a moment?

Mon 08.12
Ready to Fall

Ready to Fall

Can summer please be over already?? It’s been 104 degrees here in Texas all week long. I know, I know – I complained when it was cold and now I’m complaining that it’s hot. To be honest, I’m also just tired of summer clothes. I’m ready to roll out my fall noir repertoire! All I need are a few more beauty options to complete the romantic look, and NARS has them.

Thu 08.08

Get the Look: Pointy Nails

I recently came across this ad for a Miami-based jewelry store and couldn’t take my eyes off the female model’s pointy nails. We’ve seen Fergie, Beyonce, Adele, Rihanna, and a handful of other stars perfect this shape, which works great if you’re trying to elongate your fingers.

Thu 07.11
Chanel Superstition Fall 2013 Collection

Chanel Superstition Fall 2013 Collection: Lady Luck

Chanel seemed like the kind of Snob who made her own luck in life, but when it came down to it, she was superstitious. The icon kept tons of good luck charms around her, and I have a feeling these products will be ours this fall. After all, looking good makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you do well, right?