Thu 03.21

By Terry Spring Launches

By Terry launched three key products for Spring (see their makeup looks here). I’m a nail polish freak so I was most interested in those. They’ve launched what they’re calling a base coat serum – By Terry Regenerating Nail Base – that’s designed to stimulate nail growth by replenishing oxygen to nail keratin, while also […]

Fri 03.15

MAC Hayley Williams: Red-Orange Riot

Hayley Williams may be known as the lead singer of Paramore, but she’s also known for her unapologetically bright hair. The heady orange tint demands so much attention that MAC has been inspired to create a four-piece line in honor of Hayley’s signature hue – a pretty impressive feat for a 24-year old! Considering I’m […]

Tue 03.12

Sephora + Pantone Universe

According to Pantone the color of the year is emerald so, for the second year now, Sephora has partnered with them to build a makeup collection around the color (last year it was tangerine tango). I went to a launch event for it a few weeks ago and – I’m sad to report…there’s no green […]

Fri 03.08

BlissLabs Hair + Nail Boosting Bites: Chew the Right Thing

We don’t often associate things that taste good with things that do good, but these pomegranate-blueberry flavored chews from Bliss are delicious exceptions. Part of the brand new line of “nutricosmetics” that have come out of BlissLabs in the past month, the supplements work to strengthen nails and hair. Of course, you can keep these […]

Fri 03.01

Julep Reveal Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum: Long and Strong

I have the world’s strongest nails. I’ve even used them as a screwdriver to open battery compartments on my son’s toys. It’s a blessing and a curse, though. They grow faster than weeds. I know I shouldn’t complain, but if I don’t get manicures every week and half, they grow so much that you see […]

Thu 02.28

Ciaté Velvet Manicure: Nailed It

British nail brand Ciaté has released a nail art kit for the newest trend in the making – the velvet manicure. This limited edition beauty buy leaves your nails feeling a little fuzzy, which is extremely cool but takes some getting used to (I can’t stop touching my nails!). And fortunately, the process requires only […]

Mon 02.18

New York Fashion Week Trend: Tacky Manicures

The nail art phenomenon has reached a fever pitch. Not the exciting kind when you’re dying to see what happens next – the sweaty, awful kind that you hope passes soon. Yes, you have to experiment to discover great new things, but maybe the beauty gurus at Fashion Week could have started out a little […]

Wed 01.16
Travel Snob Essentials

Travel Snob Essentials: Fly Girl

I’m on a plane almost weekly, and there are a few essential products that I always bring with me. On long haul trips to Europe or Asia, I don’t wear any makeup. Why clog your pores when the people around you are probably sleeping anyway? In spite of its deceptively appropriate shape, the aisle in a plane is not a runway…

Mon 01.07

Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes: The Bare Necessities

I’m in love with Josie Maran’s Bear Naked nail wipes – they take off my dark red polish with just a couple of swipes. I only needed two little pads for all 10 fingers. Josie’s products are all eco-friendly and organic argan oil-infused, so they aren’t harsh like most polish removers that are acetone-based and […]