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Wed 11.14

Organic Pharmacy Ultra Dry Skin Cream: An Extra Winter Layer

As the name Organic Pharmacy suggests, this cream (exclusively at Barneys New York for $79) has all of the potency you need with none of the chemicals! The downside it’s gets you pretty greasy. I wouldn’t put it on before going out, especially if you’re wearing silk or something else delicate. But if you’re a […]

Tue 05.18

The Organic Pharmacy

Anyone who knows me well knows that I rarely leave my apartment without at least one thing from the Bach homeopathic line of remedies. I’ve long sworn by the line to calm me in moments of stress and panic and can’t imagine going a day without a drop of something from the line!

Fri 03.19

Tela Organic Sugar Scrub and Body Cleanse: Meet Philip Pelusi Satuday March 20th at Nordstrom North Park!

I am all about Tela Organic skincare lately.  I’ve been using the “Tela Sugar scrub” almost daily and it’s so moisturizing that I can skip body lotion afterwards!  The scrub is made of pure organic sugar cane and almond oils with a blend of honey, acai and pomegranate (it did cross my mind to taste […]

Thu 12.10

Desert Essence Organic Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

I received a sample of this new Desert Essence Organics Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner a couple of weeks ago and used it religiously every other day. The coconut shampoo and conditioner is made to nourish and brings back shine and health to over-processed, damaged hair. Infused with organic coconut oil to provide intense moisture, smooth […]

Fri 08.21

Bamford Body: Luxury Skin Care

I just discovered Bamford Body and am totally obsessed with its products. It is a completely organic line, an extension of the Bamford RTW / Accessories collection that’s based in NY. The collection ranges from bath & body products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash) to even body oil, massage oil, and baby products. I used the […]

Tue 05.12

Earth Day Snob: Elemental Herbology Quiz #1

Congratulations Deborah of NC for being our Quiz #1 winner!

Fri 04.10

Shea Terra Organics – Fights Violence and Poverty!

     Shea Terra Organics introduces 2 new organic lip butters, the Shea Propolis Organic Shea Lip Butter and the Menthe Orange Organic Shea Lip Butter. The extraordinary quality of these products in not only in its effectiveness but in what is achieved by you buying them. The ingredients used in these lip balms are from […]

Mon 12.08

organicare: the future of skincare

We are really into organic skincare and cosmetics right now.  It’s kind of like eating organic vegetables, you’re not really sure if it is better than the regular stuff but just in case it is, you don’t want to miss out!   One of the most comprehensive lines of organic skin care is from none other […]

Fri 10.31

Tom’s of Maine, Aluminum Free Deodorant

There has been this whole scare of antiperspirant / deodorants that cause breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease because of the aluminum content. Well, I think we can all agree that we would rather smell than risk those dangers. And as it is, my memory sucks. There are conflicting studies but the one thing that got […]