Men’s Fragrance
Fri 12.31

The Big Pony Collection Part 4: The Stylish

How do you define your style? Though my taste has evolved through the years, my style remains fairly the same as it always has– a mix of high and low with a healthy dose of vintage. I especially appreciate timeless and luxurious accessories, such as vintage jewels, because they add glamour to anything you wear […]

Wed 12.15

Big Pony Collection: The Seductive

Men are pretty easy to please, they like it when you smell good and wear high heels. For me, a gorgeous heel makes me feel sexy and ready to conquer the world. And when I am dressed to kill, the final touch is the fragrance. The Big Pony Collection #2 is the Seductive – it […]

Thu 12.09

GIVEAWAY! The Big Pony Collection Part 3: The Adventurous

Having been a bona fide city girl my entire life, I never thought I’d end up in Texas.  And I certainly didn’t think it would become the biggest and best adventure of my entire life!  When my fiance (now hubby) proposed and asked me to move here I had my reservations, but I’m so glad […]

Tue 11.23

Big Pony Collection: The Sporty

This is my trainer, Dewayne! What can possibly make me feel like my old sporty self other than getting back in shape at the gym? Working out with him has been more mentally and spiritually beneficial than physical even though I’ve already had to replace all my jeans. And like most girls, I have a […]

Thu 11.18

The Big Pony Collection Part 2: The Seductive

How do you seduce? For me, the dance of seduction starts at my vanity table. Before I put on my face, I put on my fragrance. I can not decide which of the four scents I love more from the Big Pony Collection gifted to us for review. The Sporty was breezy and clean but […]

Mon 11.08

The Big Pony Collection Part 1: The Sporty

We were asked to test out the latest fragrance line from Ralph Lauren: “The Big Pony Fragrance“, and blog about our experience with each of the four scents for men. This is right in line with what I’ve been discussing with friends, how sexy it is for women to wear their hubby/boyfriend’s fragrance! Men’s fragrances […]

Mon 11.01

The Big Pony Collection

I’m a grown up tomboy so finding a scent that fits my personality and olfactory is very difficult. There have only been a few fragrances that I have ever used. My mother-in-law got a set of The Big Pony Collection for my husband which comes with 4 different scents and I tried it on myself […]

Fri 07.30

Paco Rabanne Launching Lady Million

About two months ago I went to an event to check-out Paco Rabanne‘s 1 Million men’s scent and their soon-to-be-launched Lady Million for women (appropriately enough the event took place at GoldBar in NYC!). I’ve waited this long to write about it because I didn’t want to get everyone excited about something that was still […]

Fri 07.02

Bond No. 9 Cooper Square & Washington Square Fragrances

July 4th holiday or not, I’m looking forward to fall. Why? That’s when niche fragrance perfumer Laurice Rahme, whose Bond No. 9 company is known for its scents named after New York neighborhoods, will roll out its two newest fragrances, Cooper Square, a men’s scent, and Washington Square, a women’s scent. Debuting September 1, Cooper […]