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Tue 03.01

Jo Malone’s Limited Edition Tea Fragrance Blends

This is no over-statement, Kusmi Tea has changed my life! OK, maybe it’s a little bit of an over-statement, but it’s come pretty darn close! I transitioned over from coffee to tea a few months ago and it’s incredible how quickly you can develop a palette for new flavors. Not too long ago I would … Continue reading Jo Malone’s Limited Edition Tea Fragrance Blends

Wed 01.19

New Hermessence: Iris Ukiyoe

I’ve only had three serious perfume obsession in my life – 1/ Chanel Allure (only the original one though! Why they tried to revamp a classic is beyond me…) 2/ Tom Ford White Suede and 3/ Hermes’ Hermessence Ambre Narguile. I have these three in constant rotation depending on my mood and as of yet … Continue reading New Hermessence: Iris Ukiyoe

Fri 01.07

The Big Pony Collection: Adventure in Taipei

I am bringing you the final installment of Big Pony Collection photo journal project from Taipei! I thought it would be apropos to feature the scent for Adventure during my travels. I am not adventurous when it comes to physical activity, but it does not mean I do not have an adventurous spirit. I love … Continue reading The Big Pony Collection: Adventure in Taipei

Wed 12.15

Big Pony Collection: The Seductive

Men are pretty easy to please, they like it when you smell good and wear high heels. For me, a gorgeous heel makes me feel sexy and ready to conquer the world. And when I am dressed to kill, the final touch is the fragrance. The Big Pony Collection #2 is the Seductive – it … Continue reading Big Pony Collection: The Seductive

Tue 12.14

Holiday Gifts for the Person Who Has It All

Chances are there’s someone on your list who’s impossible to shop for. Either they never know what they want (like my indecisive best friend Christine), are super picky (like my mama), or already have everything they want (ever since my dad got himself a new Maserati there’s pretty much nothing that seems to be able … Continue reading Holiday Gifts for the Person Who Has It All

Fri 11.05

Six Scents Series Three Launch

For the third year the Six Scents Parfums fragrance initiative will be launching, November 8, with a limited edition collection that pairs some of the world leading rising designers (think Phillip Lim, Henry Holland…), with leading noses to create six unisex scents. It may seem like everyone has their own fragrance these days (Bruce Wills?? … Continue reading Six Scents Series Three Launch

Tue 10.05

By Kilian’s New Fragrance: Love & Tears, Surrender

Kilian Hennessy, grandson of the LVMH Group and cognac heir, has just launched his 9th scent called Love & Tears Surrender (available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks). The fragrance retails for $225 and refill sizes range in cost from $70 to $125. Hennessy is no novice who used his family connections and fortune to … Continue reading By Kilian’s New Fragrance: Love & Tears, Surrender

Thu 09.09

Fresh Pomegranate Anise

I have a thing for pomegranate scented anything. Candles, lotions, shower gels, etc etc. But Pomegranate with Anise is a bit lost on me. What’s Anise you ask? It’s a star shaped herbal seed most used in Chinese food. While I love how it flavors slow cooked pork belly, you do not want to bite … Continue reading Fresh Pomegranate Anise

Mon 07.19

Hermes’ Hermessence Collection

I had a few friends staying with me in the Hamptons the other weekend and one of them brought along Ambre Narguile eau de toilette from the Hermessence Collection from Hermes. It smells absolutely divine! It’s so divine in fact that I didn’t mind that she completely OD’d on it to the point where even … Continue reading Hermes’ Hermessence Collection