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Wed 01.19

Jack Black Jet Set Traveler Set: Smooth Faces= Happy Girls

I was in a scramble on Christmas to get a little stocking stuffer for boyfriend. I went back and forth between a few different products like fancy shampoos, hair products or cologne. I ended up settling on this because he hates shaving and I wanted to try to make it a better experience for him. […]

Tue 11.09

BareEase & Cream

The first thing that comes to mind when you think bikini wax is, “OUCH!!!!!”. Yeah, we suck it up and suffer through it. I mean we’ve suffered for less, right? =) Well, I am happy to announce that we have been liberated, a super smart anesthesiologist has come up with a solution so obvious, I […]

Thu 09.10

Smooooth Legs, Hair Removal Flex Crystals

My sister and I saw these at a kiosk at the Grove in Los Angeles. They are also sold on infomercials so if you watch late night TV you’ve probably seen it. We tried it while we’re there and it really did work, took the hair right off and made the skin super smooth. The […]

Thu 10.02

Alternate Use for Conditioner – Shaving Cream!

This is a picture I took in my shower, these are reminent bottles of unused and half used conditioner.  The problem is, my husband doesn’t use conditioner and he washes his hair everyday whereas I wash it every other day so the shampoo to conditioner usage ratio is totally thrown off.  So when I read […]