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Wed 01.08
Banyan Tree Samui

The Best Spas in Koh Samui

I’ve stayed at some truly amazing places over the years, but nothing compares to Banyan Tree in Koh Samui. It is considered the most luxurious resort on the island – if not in all of Thailand – and for good reason. Every room comes with its own infinity pool, in addition to sprawling living quarters. Unsurprisingly, their spa was equally luxurious…

Thu 12.19
The Best Bangkok Spas

The Best Bangkok Spas

I just got back from an epic trip to Thailand. I went with one of my friends and we went spa’ing nearly every day we were there…and we were there for 10 days!

Thu 04.18

Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit: At-Home Spa

Been saving up to treat yourself to a day at the spa? Keep your money – with Essio’s aromatherapy shower kit, your bathroom becomes a personal spa! The system comes with an adjustable arm that you easily click onto your showerhead’s pipe. Then just screw on one of the aromatherapy pods, move the arm under … Continue reading Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit: At-Home Spa

Tue 03.05

WAX Santa Monica: House of Wax

When it comes to waxing, especially bikini waxing, you have to go to a professional. If you try it at home and end up with a horrendous yet hilarious experience, you only have yourself to blame. But even at salons there are vastly different methods used, so I suggest going somewhere that specializes in waxing, … Continue reading WAX Santa Monica: House of Wax

Fri 01.11
Mandarin Oriental

Ultimate Spa Detox

I got back from Miami a few days ago and the transition from 70-something to 30-something degree weather has been brutal…already figuring out when I can head back next for a weekend! I was there over New Year, which was fantastic because it kind of felt like NYC was transplanted to Florida meaning I kept … Continue reading Ultimate Spa Detox

Tue 11.27

June Jacobs Spa Collection: DIY Spa

High-end hotels started carrying the June Jacobs Spa Collection a few years ago – but rather than waiting for luxury to find you, why not make your own? Now that snow has started falling for some of you, I recommend a nice warm spa day – at home! Just pick up a few of these … Continue reading June Jacobs Spa Collection: DIY Spa

Mon 10.22

Moana Lani Spa: Heaven on Earth

While in Hawaii, I escaped to the spa for the day. Escaped is probably the wrong word. It’s not like I needed further relaxation, but considering it’s the nicest spa on the island, I couldn’t resist! Moana Lani opened four years ago when Westin bought the property. The owners converted a restaurant to create the … Continue reading Moana Lani Spa: Heaven on Earth

Thu 09.27

Queen Helene Batherapy: Bring the Hot Springs Home

While in Taiwan over each summer, even in deathly humid heat, one of my favorite things to do is go to the sulfur hot springs. I truly believe in the health benefits, but even without them, time in a hot spring is good for the soul and purifying for the mind just because it is … Continue reading Queen Helene Batherapy: Bring the Hot Springs Home

Mon 08.13

Water Spa: Aire Ancient Bath

I’ll never tire of a basic deep tissue or Swedish massage, but when I heard that Aire Ancient Bath was opening its first U.S. location in Tribeca (it’s a Spanish chain, which launched in the ’90s inside a 16th century palace in Seville), I couldn’t wait to try it. The idea behind this uniquely luxurious … Continue reading Water Spa: Aire Ancient Bath