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Wed 01.25

Seattle Beauty Recap

I went to Seattle for a five day trip to visit my brother and while it will be hard to believe based on all of the workouts I partook in while I was there, I successfully managed to gain enough weight to not fit into the pants I wore when I flew out to Seattle! […]

Wed 01.04

Spa’ing in Miami: Delano and Soho Beach House

I just got back from a quickie four day trip to Miami and aside from the four hour delays there and back (American Airlines is the worst!), the trip was fantastic. I rarely got out of my bikini and spent most of the day getting various spa treatments, relaxing by the pool, or shopping. By […]

Tue 09.20

Spa Review: Waldorf Astoria and Hilton Hotel in NYC

You’d think I was three times my age based on how often I complain about aches and pains, but between working out and wearing heels regularly there’s always something hurting! I went to the Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria a few weeks ago for a deep tissue/Swedish massage to rid me of a neck/back […]

Mon 08.29

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in NYC

Last Friday I popped into the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in NYC. My back was aching (as it usually does…), and I had a bad knot where my upper back and neck connect so it was the perfect time for a deep tissue massage. While they’re not my favorite, they’re usually effective, unlike most […]

Wed 07.20

Spa Weekend in Miami: Mandarin Oriental, Canyon Ranch, and Aveda Spa

Seriously I think I need to temporarily hibernate in South Beach this coming winter. My parents have had a condo smack in the middle of all the action for nearly a decade now and this past weekend was my first time staying at their place. It sounds crazy now that I think about it, but […]

Tue 07.19

Boracay Shangri-La, The Chi Spa

I just got back from a beach vacation to the Philippines at the Boracay Shangri-la. Truly amazing and otherworldly gorgeous. This Shangri-la lived up to its name for sure! Of course, a trip to the spa (or 2) was a must, especially after a long travel day (plane, car, boat and finally golf cart to […]

Mon 06.20

Beach Body Works: A Holistic Day Spa in Redondo Beach

Sometimes a friend makes a recommendation and it sounds great but you never follow through on it. And then there are those times when the universe does everything to ensure you do follow through. Like when my friend Allison talked about getting a holistic body wrap detox at Beach Body Works and I immediately picked […]

Wed 05.04

Massage Envy: Good When You Need It

Massage Envy is a massage studio conveniently located in your nearest strip mall. It is a franchise of over 300 studios. It has a store front that is not all that appealing so, like me, you will probably pass by it for years and never consider getting a massage there. I finally relented after hearing […]

Tue 04.19

Decléor Aromessence Spa Relax Balm: No Masseuse Required

Today was one of those days I was just not ready for. I would have preferred to spend the entire day in bed. But instead of whining and having a horrible day, I decided to take charge. I doused my body with Decéor‘s Aromessence Spa Relax Balm and spent twenty minutes relaxing. Although a massage […]