Wed 06.20

Soleil Organique Sunscreen

If you aren’t convinced that Soleil Organique is stellar from Beauty Snob Kelly’s reviews, hopefully this will convince you. The brand specializes in SPF products including ones for areas often overlooked like the hands and eyes, so it’s little surprise that when it comes to traditional suncare products for the face and body, they’ve got […]

Mon 06.11

Hampton Sun Continuous Mists

I’m in Vegas at the moment and though it’s “only” 106 degrees – i.e. less than the 110 degrees I’ve been practicing hot yoga in – it’s still quite dangerous for someone as pale as I am to be laying out in the sun. Sadly, given how pale I am, I love the heat, especially […]

Fri 06.01

Soleil Organique Environmental Defense Anti-Aging Primer: The Sun’s Got Nothing On You Now

I am obsessed with the Soleil Organique line, especially now that is summer and my outdoor activities are reaching an all-year high. Plain, old sunscreen is just not enough anymore. This fabulous serum primes your skin for the sunblock you apply on top, so you get maximum protection and nourishment. Any environmental toxins that would […]

Thu 04.26

Eshu Moisturizing Sunscreen: Quench the Sun

What could possibly be so different about yet another broad-spectrum protection sunscreen? Yes, Eshu’s sunscreen moisturizes, as its title suggests, but it also smells heavenly! (Ironic that the best-smelling lotion comes from a brand that was concocted for men, huh?) So not only do you get the benefits of SPF30 – the Australian brand designs […]

Wed 04.11

Boost Your Sunscreen: Save Face

You think your foundation with SPF sunscreen is enough coverage for most days? Think again! An article from the Wall Street Journal states that only one out of five people wear sunscreen correctly and consistently each day! The article breaks down what you actually need to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays: 1. Antioxidant […]

Tue 03.27

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid Extreme: Better Than Shade

I’m going to Cancun next week – yes, I’m doing a classic spring-break locale! Half of my suitcase will consist of sunblock and sunblocking items (hats, hats, and more hats). I used to use a Shiseido sunscreen, which is very similar to La Roche-Posay’s ultra-light formula, but it was so greasy and made my complexion […]

Mon 01.02

Pur~lisse Pur~Protect SPF30: Save Face

My New Year’s beauty resolutions: drink more water, don’t fall asleep with makeup on, and don’t skip the sunscreen! I am actually pretty good about all of these, but, of course, there is always room for improvement. Especially in the sunscreen department (which should not be missed, not even for a day). I love my […]

Tue 11.01

Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF 30 Brush: Give Your Old Sunscreens the Brush-Off

Now there is really no excuse to neglect to put on sunscreen, each and every day, no matter what. Colorscience‘s Sunforgettable brush-on powder is the most convenient, mess-free sunscreen ever. Where has this been all my life? Loose mineral powder dispensed from a handy on-the-go brush gives great coverage that protects you from UVA and […]

Mon 10.24

French Skin Care Investigation by Renée Rouleau: PART DEUX

I recently returned from a trip to Europe where I attended Paris Beauty Week in France, an amazing trade show featuring new innovations in skin care ingredients and technology – a true playground for this esthetician and skin care expert! In addition, I met with clients to consult about their skin, indulged in luxurious French […]