Mon 10.03

Hampton Mist Continuous Sunscreen: A One-Shot Deal

I went through so many sunscreens this summer I felt like I was conducting my own science experiment, and after trying them all, this is number one in the sun. Hampton Sun Continuous Mist Sunscreen is a truly lightweight, water-resistant spray that provides all the protection you need with none of the grime. The most […]

Fri 08.19

Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense: The Art of Self-Defense

This new formulation of Kiehl’s UV Defense Total Sun Block is miraculous. I loved the old formula, though it was a bit thick and heavy – great for beach days, but when I’ve got a full face of makeup, that’s the last thing I want to slather on beforehand. With SPF 50+, you are getting […]

Fri 07.22

Ultimate Beauty List: Snobbiest All Time Favorites

Best Mascara Lustrafy High Definition Mascara at Motives for $16.95. Stay Put Eyeliner Gel Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner at Neiman Marcus for $21. Most Protective Sunscreen Clarins ‘UV Plus HP’ Multi-Protection Day Screen SPF 40 at Nordstrom for $38 Fluid and Natural Foundation La Mer The Treatment Powder Foundation SPF 15 at Neiman Marcus […]

Mon 07.18

Bobbi Brown Protective Face Lotion SPF 15: West Meets East

During my recent photo shoot in Beijing for Bazaar China, I met an amazing make-up artist: Wong Ya Fei. Before he started working his magic on me, he lathered my face in a lotion that felt delicious. I grabbed the mysterious bottle only to discover the brand was none other than Bobbi Brown! Fei said […]

Fri 07.15

Uvidea XL B.B. Cream 50: The Myth Really Works!

The great myth of B.B. creams continues, and it’s still urban legend to those outside of Asia. I asked a beauty editor in the U.S. about the baffling B.B. cream and she had never heard of it. Many brands boast one in their lines, including my beloved Bobbi Brown (no connections to her initials!). But […]

Wed 07.13

L’Occitane Introduces Limited Edition Sun Verbena

Even though my favorite L’Occitane products are their Amande ones, the Verbena ones are perennial bestsellers so it’s fitting that they just introduced some new, limited edition, verbena-infused products for summer. What makes the launches particularly notable is that they were all designed with sun-exposed skin in mind and all are made with organic verbena […]

Mon 06.27

New Sunscreen Regulations + Ones You Can Trust

It’s insanely disturbing how carefully we have to shop these days to not be “duped” by sketchy marketing tactics and brands trying to shave off expenses without regard to how it effects their customers. Just yesterday my boyfriend spend a whopping $8 on a ‘Superfoods Juice’ at the Health Nut only for him to throw […]

Tue 06.14

Whitening Lotions: Seeing Things in a Whole New Light

I know this must be bizarre to many of those in the western world (I mean, we seek out bronzers and spray tans as soon as the weather heats up!), but Asian women stock up on whitening lotion during the summer season. Since skin darkens with age and sun exposure, creamy white skin is a […]

Tue 06.07

Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation with SPF 35: Here Comes the Shade

The next best thing to a coating of Zinc oxide (not that there’s anything great about looking like you stuck your nose in a container of Cool-Whip), Shiseido’s Sun Protection Stick Foundation is full-on protection from the sun, like being in the shade. And I do mean full. This is what my cousins and I […]