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Tue 09.08

How often do you… change your toothbrush?

I’m obsessed with toothbrush germs right now– I rinse mine and my son’s brushes with hot water daily and change them often (like every couple of months). I asked my dentist if I’m being psycho and he said rule of thumb is generally 3 months for regular tooth brushes (4 months for Sonic care or … Continue reading How often do you… change your toothbrush?

Thu 07.30

Darphin Denblan Whitening Toothpaste

I’m all about trying to whiten my teeth now. I am planning on getting laser whitening done at my dentist’s office but I figured I should aid in the effort first by doing something simpler. I have used other whitening toothpaste but it has this extra taste that leaves my tongue feeling weird. It is … Continue reading Darphin Denblan Whitening Toothpaste