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Fri 09.06
Victoria Beckham Medium Leather Bag

Victoria Beckham Medium Leather Bag: Beckham’s Got the Blues

If you ask me, sometimes the most sumptuous bags are the simplest. After all, why reinvent the wheel when you can just showcase great quality and true luxury?

Tue 06.25
Elisabeth Weinstock Dopp Kit

Elisabeth Weinstock Obsessions: All About Anaconda

Tina talks her serpentine obsession.

Fri 06.14

Dangene Skincare Program: Three’s Company

I’ve always adhered to a 7-10 step skincare routine, but now I’ve found a way to get by on just 3! For a recent two-day trip to NYC, I wanted only carry-on products. Dangene’s antioxidant-rich program was just what the dermatologist ordered! She calls herself a “personal trainer for your skin” (visit the Institute of […]

Thu 05.16

Globe-Trotter 26” Cruise Centenary Special Ed Suitcase: Good News Travels Fast

With a suitcase like this, the fantasy of the ultimate in glamorous traveling is realized. The fantasy, of course, also includes a full-time porter – because in true old-world form, this trunk doesn’t come with wheels. All for the sake of Industrial Revolution-era romance! (Nineteenth-century snob Anna Karenina would be all over this.) No shock […]

Fri 05.03
Maiyet, Delsey, Mark Cross, Smythson, Marni Mother's Day Bags

Because She’s Worth It: The Five Essentials for Mother’s Day

Mom bags – as in suitable for diapers – these are not. These Five Essentials are the bags women want, covet, and deserve for Mother’s Day. This isn’t a holiday for practical gifts (Mom is practical all year long!). That, to me, is disrespectful. Instead, show your mother how much you love her by showering […]

Wed 05.01

T.T. Trunks Mademoiselle Trunk: Down to a T

I went to see End of the Rainbow recently, a musical about the months leading to the end of Judy Garland’s life. It stars Tracy Bennett, who was so spectacular I could not believe what I was watching. Mesmerizing performance aside, I was fixated on one of the props on stage: an opulent vanity trunk that opens […]

Wed 03.27
Caroline Issa

The Five Essentials Featuring Caroline Issa:

Tastemaker, fashion editor, designer, model, and business savant: if this sounds like too many roles for one woman to take on without losing her cool – or her Choos – think again. Caroline Issa, the globetrotting wonder-woman and Executive Fashion Director of TANK Magazine (where high-art meets high fashion), makes it all look easy. With […]

Fri 03.22

Best Sightseeing Bags: Trip Advisor

It’s great to see the sights, but it’s even better when your bag is a sight to behold, as well. Ultimately though, when you’re exploring a new place, you need convenience above all else. Fortunately with these styles, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion or function. Their zippers and pouches are key for keeping your […]

Thu 03.07

Jessica Alba: Have Color Will Travel

Jessica Alba was at Charles de Gaulle airport recently looking airport-chic as usual with a teal Sportmax coat, skinny jeans, Rag and Bone booties and a purple Jimmy Choo Crossbody bag. This bag is the perfect go-anywhere/stash anything bag for travelling or even everyday use. With pebbled leather and an always convenient crossbody, you have […]