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Jonathan Adler Travel Essentials

Jonathan Adler Travel Essentials: Take Me Away

Whether it’s a weekend trip to the shore or a full-on tropical getaway, I hope you have some beachy relaxation coming your way soon! But even perfectly planned vacations can be made tedious if you lack the proper essentials. So here’s a travel guide’s worth of cheerful, Frugal Snob accessories from Jonathan Adler…

Top 5 Travel Portfolios

Top 5 Travel Portfolios: Passport to Paris

I’m going to Paris later this month for Fashion Week, and I want to make sure my passport goes first-class all the way. It’s one of the best travel mementos you can have, so I like to treat it well. When rushing around in all of the chaos, your passport can get bumped around and damaged, so a stylish, sturdy cover is just what the TSA ordered.

Staying at the St. Regis

Staying at the St. Regis: A Grand Tourista in Shenzhen

I was recently invited to experience the St. Regis Shenzhen, which opened just one short year ago. How could I refuse a stay at the new Kingkey 100 property, a.k.a. the tallest building in Southern China?! I’ve stayed at many St. Regis hotels before– NYC, Aspen, and Beijing – it’s hands down one of my favorite hotel brands.

St. Regis's Grand Tourista Bag by Jason Wu

The St. Regis Grand Tourista – and Grand Giveaway!

UPDATE: Congrats to the winner- @Jade_Melissa – enjoy your bag and stay at the St. Regis! I am on the most magnificent tour in Shenzhen, China. A Grand Tour, in fact. Not unlike the grand tours taken for centuries by affluent travelers in the past. They’d go on these extensive, opulent journeys around Europe and … Continue reading “The St. Regis Grand Tourista – and Grand Giveaway!”

Travel Snob Essentials

Travel Snob Essentials: Fly Girl

I’m on a plane almost weekly, and there are a few essential products that I always bring with me. On long haul trips to Europe or Asia, I don’t wear any makeup. Why clog your pores when the people around you are probably sleeping anyway? In spite of its deceptively appropriate shape, the aisle in a plane is not a runway…