Fri 11.09

WebSnob November 9th, 2012

Borrow Baby Couture is giving away six weeklong rentals to one lucky winner. At TotSnob. While feminine and delicate, ankle straps are not just decorative. They’re safety belts for your ankles! So strap yourself in with ShoeSnob‘s Top 5 Ankle-Strap Pumps. Color Stories for Winter: A pop of color from The Cut and the classic […]

Fri 11.02

Neiman Marcus First Call Sale: Get it first!

Public service announcement: Neiman Marcus First Call sale has started! Get the goods before they’re gone (never wait until Last Call to buy something you love. Chances are, it won’t be there by then!) Oh, and you are welcome!! I am such an enabler, I know. A woman stopped by my denim launch party at […]

Fri 11.02

Allowance Apps: A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Keeping your tots motivated to do chores with monetary rewards is a good way to teach them responsibility, but it only works if you keep proper accounting. Otherwise, they will lose interest, or worse – think that you don’t keep your promises. I use a reward chart with stickers. When they’ve filled up the entire […]

Thu 11.01

Marbella Lace Tattoo: Laced With Femme

So you’ve wanted to take the plunge for a long time and get a tattoo, but you’ve been too scared for a permanent inky accessory? There’s a sexy (and temporary) solution! Your skin can finally get in on the lace trend. I’ve got lace bags and tops, but now, when an occasion calls for a […]

Sun 10.28

Win $3,000 Shopping Spree from Modewalk.com and Tatcha!

We are so excited to co-host a fabulous $3,000 shopping spree from Modewalk.com and Tatcha beauty. All you have to do to win is sign up for Modewalk.com’s newsletter (to be shared with us, Pop Sugar and Tatcha). Good luck! sign up at Modewalk.com now!

Sun 10.21

Lazy Sunday Shopping: Up to 30% off at Neiman Marcus!

Last chance to shop the Neiman Marcus sale of Fall 2012 goods! Buy one thing, get 20% off, buy two things, get 25% off, buy three things or more, get 30% off. Got that? Ok, good. Now go shop! Shop Neiman Marcus sale now.

Fri 10.19

WebSnob October 19th, 2012

Gold is so often treated like something that should be saved for a formal look. But ShoeSnob found gold shoes for every occasion with her Top 5 Essential Gold Shoes. Black velvet is one of the most seductive and richest fabrics, and this season, it is more magnetic ever. Here is a seductive compilation of […]

Mon 10.15

Taylor Swift Tailored and Tucked in London

It looks like Camelot is rubbing off on Ms.Swift. The singer was looking cute & Kennedy-esq in London recently, in a pair of Ralph Lauren riding pants, Cole Haan oxfords and a green plaid button up. She wore her hair back and simple with light makeup to perfectly polish the preppy look. To this chic […]

Mon 09.24

Molly Ringwald, Mothering in Captivity: Finding Your Tot’s Habitat

This is a story told by Molly Ringwald on The Moth radio program about her daughter Matilda and their struggle with finding a learning environment that fit with who she is. This story made me cry because it hit home and made me realize that as a parent, our number one job is figuring out […]