Sat 09.22

Marchesa Spring 2013:

The one hair trend that ruled almost every single runway during New York Fashion Week was braids braids braids! One of the most dramatic of Spring 2013 shows was hands down, Marchesa. Inspired by the opulence of India in the 1960s, Fekkai Stylist Renato Campora created a graphic, braided style to compliment the elaborate gowns. I […]

Fri 09.21

Perfect Pairs Dinner at Barneys New York:

Perfect hosts: Left: Mark Lee and Christine Quinn. Right: Brooke Shields.  The most enjoyable evening for me during NYFW earlier this month was attending an intimate dinner at Barneys New York hosted by Mark Lee, Brooke Shields and Christine Quinn celebrating the success of the Perfect Pairs campaign, Since July, Barneys has collected more than […]

Fri 09.21

Halloween Crafts: Scary Simple

I am not crafty and I do not like to spend all day long on one craft, but they are fun, and it always makes for a great way to spend time with my tots. For the not-so-crafty mom, here is a selection of truly easy crafts that don’t require specialized tools and materials, just […]

Sun 09.09

NYFW Spring 2013 Coverage!

Don’t forget to keep up with the latest from New York Fashion Week collections here at Couture Snob.

Thu 09.06

Vernissage Boxed Wine

I never thought there’d come a day when I’d not only feature boxed wine on my blog but have strong urges to serve it at my next cocktail party! Have you tasted the Bag-in-Bag wine from Vernissage yet?

Thu 09.06

Color-Your-Own Cardboard Barn: A Barn Raising

Daydreaming of having a farm with cute animals (that you keep as pets of course!) always happens after the end of summer with visits to fairs and the country side during the long break. I have to admit, most of the fantasies are mine, I really really want a miniature pony! I even went as […]

Wed 08.15

CloudMom: Mother’s Little Helper

The motto of CloudMom, “From One Mom To You,” says it all. With so much information bombarding us, it’s hard to know whom you should listen to. Now there’s a confident voice to offer you firsthand advice! This informative website, designed for new moms, gives you one resource to go to for all your questions. […]

Mon 08.06

Lullubee Craft Projects Kits: Do-It-(Mostly)-Yourself

Do you have the creative spirit in you to make crafts, but not the energy to gather all the materials you need to fulfill it? I always have the best intentions when I walk into Michael’s, but as soon as I get inside, I am overwhelmed by the choices. I end up running around from […]

Fri 08.03

Aqueduck Faucet Extender: Extends a Helping Hand

Is your tot too little to reach the running water coming out of the faucet? Even with a stool some sinks are too deep for tots to reach the running water, especially if faucets are placed way back. We’ve all done it, mostly when we’re out, we use our hands as a faucet extender to […]