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The Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition

The Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition: Royal Carriage

We have a name – George Alexander Louis (I guessed it would be George – you can ask my husband!). Now the little prince just needs his chariot, and it will truly be a chariot – all terrain air-ride suspension included.

Celeb Tot Trend

Celeb Tot Trend: Pale Cloud Dresses

You don’t see a lot of tot trends because let’s be honest – kids just wear whatever they like (whether you like it or not). But it seems mini celebs can’t get enough of Pale Cloud dresses. I can’t blame them – the Spring/Summer line was gorgeous (and is on sale now!!). Alessandra Ambrosio’s beautiful daughter Anja was recently spotted in the light gray Janice dress ($96).


Mario Badescu Almond Scrub

The mosquitoes this year in the Hamptons are AWFUL! I’ve been really good about wearing bug spray, but last week I was at a friend’s barbeque in Amagansett and her house is realllly country, so there were more bugs than you can even fathom. I sprayed my body everywhere that skin was exposed. I figured … Continue reading “Mario Badescu Almond Scrub”


Project Model Tee Event This Thursday:

Attention New York-based readers: do you have plans this Thursday evening? If not, consider heading over to Rockwood Music Hall for Project Model Tee’s 2nd event raising funds for RAINN (the United States’ largest anti-sexual assault organization). Buy a ticket and attend what will surely be a great time filled with beautiful people (hello, models!).


Laptop Chalkboard: Low Tech, High Style

We all need some down time once in a while, especially our tots. But entice them with this chalkboard made to look like a laptop and they will find their imagination blossoming. My tots have been nagging me for an iPad and I refuse on principle – we have one iPad the entire family shares, … Continue reading “Laptop Chalkboard: Low Tech, High Style”


Top 5 Clip-On Earrings: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

I realize that not all Snobs have pierced ears. And even though mine are, I can’t wear regular earrings because my skin there is too sensitive (even platinum irritates it!). So I thought I would pull together a list of the best clip-ons. There are way more luxe options than you would expect, but I … Continue reading “Top 5 Clip-On Earrings: Fake It ‘Til You Make It”