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18k Gold
Elise Dray Dragon Articulated Ring

Elise Dray Dragon Articulated Ring: A Jewel of Fire and Ice

Chalk it up to me being in Asia (and a Game of Thrones addict), but I’m suddenly drawn to all things dragon. If I can’t have a real one to turn my enemies to ash, I’ll just have to get my ice and fire from Elise Dray’s articulated full finger ring. Even though the French designer’s collection is only four years old, the fantastical scope is far from small.

Ana Khouri Rose Gold Diamond Hand Cuff

Ana Khouri Rose Gold Diamond Hand Cuff: Wrap and Roll

Not the kind of hand cuff you’d expect – far better! Ana Khouri’s creation wraps gently around your hand like a sophisticated snake (it’s handmade from 18k rose gold and 1.5 carats of diamonds!). This is for the Jewel Snob who has everything because frankly, it’s pricey. Considering a hand cuff is such a novelty, I’m not sure it’s worth the investment…

Multi-Finger Rings

Multi-Finger Rings: Count on Me

Stacking jewels always packs a punch, but when you feel like giving all your digits some love, turn to trendy multi-finger rings. Abundance is even easier to achieve since the bands are made to coordinate (unlike the random assembly of rings hiding in your jewelry box).

Carolina Bucci Woven Gold Cuffs

Carolina Bucci Woven Gold Cuffs: Weave It to Me

It’s always nice to find pieces that are both unique and wearable like Carolina Bucci’s woven gold cuffs. They’re great for summer when you want to make a big statement with minimal effort. Weaving delicate precious metal pieces together requires a level of craftsmanship that makes this investment worthwhile.

Unique Rings

Unique Rings: Dare to be Different

Sometimes you long to go outside the box (unless the box is this awesome cube ring, in which case, count me in). Go more traditional with pieces like your wedding band that you wear all the time. These rings are fun little affairs – practicality has no place in their designs…


Warrior Princess Jewels: The Good Fight

While summer jewelry is light and airy, fall brings heavy, mixed metals the likes of which you’d see decorating only the greatest of warriors. What better to forge a fighter princess cuff in than gunmetal? The fearsome Halaby Daniel bracelet (on Luisa via Roma for $535) can wield serious authority on the fashion front. Maybe … Continue reading “Warrior Princess Jewels: The Good Fight”


Moonstone for Summer: Star Light, Star Bright

What better to wear under the warm summer rays than cool, fresh moonstone? The gem has long been considered mystical, all the way back to the time of the Ancient Romans. They believed it was created using solidified rays from – you guessed it – the moon. They associated the stone with their gods, as … Continue reading “Moonstone for Summer: Star Light, Star Bright”


Royal Asscher Stars of Africa: Galaxies of Light

In 1902, Joseph Asscher invented the now famous Asscher cut, a stepped square style with cropped corners. While this remains one of the jewelry industry’s most beloved designs, his family didn’t stop there – they developed the Royal Asscher cut in 2001, naming it after their thriving diamond empire. The style plays off of the … Continue reading “Royal Asscher Stars of Africa: Galaxies of Light”


Dolly Boucoyannis Stars on Sand Ring: Top of the Rock

When we talk about “rocks” as Jewel Snobs, we often mean huge gems like the ones on colossal diamond engagement rings. In the case of this ring, it’s a literal rock. Who knew that such a stunning, high-end piece of jewelry could be built off of a mere pebble? Athenian designer Dolly Boucoyannis! She studied … Continue reading “Dolly Boucoyannis Stars on Sand Ring: Top of the Rock”