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Trend Alert: Cool in Collars

Is there ever truly a new trend that doesn’t reference an element of our past? I would say no, especially in this case.

Crystals Clusters

Crystals Clusters: More is Never Enough

One crystal is nice, but ten is better! Go big or go home, right? These kaleidoscopes of color are summer fun that will liven up any old outfit. They look like bright pieces of candy, and are just as hard to resist. I say give in to your sweet tooth. The opulence of dripping in … Continue reading “Crystals Clusters: More is Never Enough”


Hervé Van der Straeten Gold-Plated Cuff: Cut It Out

Get the look of abundance with just one single accessory. Hervé Van der Straeten’s hammered, gold-plated creations always take my breath away. There’s something very old world about the style – like it belongs on a Grecian goddess. But on Hervé’s modern designs, there’s nothing behind the times about the look. Just take notice of … Continue reading “Hervé Van der Straeten Gold-Plated Cuff: Cut It Out”


Bijoux Heart: Live in Excess, Spend Wisely

It’s all about excess. I’m calling it: the economy is (finally) on the rise, and based on the optimism we’re seeing from designers as of late, pure decadence and real luxury is back in full swing. But does that mean we would be wise to jump the gun and overspend right now? Tempting, yes, but, … Continue reading “Bijoux Heart: Live in Excess, Spend Wisely”


Hervé Van Der Straeten 24-Karat Gold Pieces: Hammertime!

Hammered gold is timeless. Well, the rustic-cum-polished look might come in and out, but it will always comes back. Hervé Van Der Straeten’s well-priced line makes a 24-karat collection a very good investment indeed. With a fully modernistic appeal, these baubles will never feel stale. Basic hoops feel tired and played out? A curvy earring … Continue reading “Hervé Van Der Straeten 24-Karat Gold Pieces: Hammertime!”


Sevan Bicakci Bird Cameo Rings

Sevan Bicakci Bird Carved Lemon Topaz Ring At Barneys New York for $12,555. Sevan Bicakci Dove Carved Topaz Ring At Barneys New York for $26,435.