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Balenciaga Le Dix Cabas Leather Tote

Balenciaga Le Dix Cabas Leather Tote: Timeless is More

I love the minimalist aesthetic Alex Wang brought to Balenciaga. He knows that just because you’re spending top dollar doesn’t mean you need extra bells and whistles. The original Le Dix had a flap that lent the bag a briefcase look. By taking that away, he’s uncovered a ladylike style that is somehow both understated and demanding of attention.

Balenciaga Padlock Nude Work Snakeskin-Handle Tote

Balenciaga Padlock Nude Work Snakeskin-Handle Tote: A Hard Day’s Work

Sometimes the perfect handle is all it takes to make a simple tote feel special. It’s the power of a detail, the potency of one great touch. And speaking of touches, it’s looking like Alexander Wang still has one with some magic to it.

LUXE DH Giveaway

LUXE DH Giveaway: Balenciaga First Bag!

If you haven’t won one of our four April giveaways, this just might be your lucky week! Third time’s the charm, right? Each Monday, we’ve announced a different bag from pre-owned accessories purveyor LUXE DH, offering four chances to win, and today’s prize is a pink Balenciaga First.

Top 5 Capes

Top 5 Capes: The Caped Crusaders

I went to see the new musical Harmony last week, and fell in love with one of the character’s capes – a velvet capelet with long straps that went under the arms and tied in the back. Some costumes can only be pulled off on a stage, but these are pieces you can integrate naturally in everyday life, whether you’re on the beach, playing in the rain, or out on a Friday night!

Balenciaga Ostrich Tube Round L

Balenciaga Ostrich Tube Round L: Riding the L Train

Balenciaga just got serious. The words that come to mind upon first impression of this top-handle tote? Incredible. Beautiful. Classic. Decadent. This is, of course, Balenciaga’s big answer to the Birkin, but knockoff or tawdry imitation it isn’t. Thanks to their signature tube-shaped hardware, it’s merely a dutiful nod to the holy grail of bags, one that shows nothing but respect.

Balenciaga Padlock Work Leather Tote

Balenciaga Padlock Work Leather Tote: You’d Better Work

Here you go: a great Balenciaga classic without the signature Balenciaga fuss. Just good, clean, boxy-structured fun. Take a look at the proportions; this is a smaller bag than you might expect, which makes the overall effect so cute. Otherwise, in a big tote size, it would be a bit overwhelming.