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The Golden Globes 2013: Golden Girls

I love a chunky cuff, and so does Emily Deschanel! Her Badgley Mischka gown was embellished at the top, but plain black from the shoulders down, so the 60 carats of sapphires on the Plukka Hera cuff ($8,300 at Plukka) were completely essential for the look to succeed.


Best Rhodium Jewels: Rhodium Roundup

Even though it was only discovered 200 years ago, rhodium has a dark, romantic look to it that calls back to centuries ago. It’s not a fact that you hear thrown around a lot, but this metal is the most expensive in the world (chemically, it’s a platinum metal). It’s also one of the most … Continue reading “Best Rhodium Jewels: Rhodium Roundup”


Bang for Your Buck Holiday Gift Guide: Jewels Under $200

We’re always looking for that gift that wows (like a set of 2 carat diamond earrings, right?). Diamonds may last forever, but a tight friendship is way more meaningful. These gifts are for the special people in your life who you want to wow even if your back account is a few dollars short of … Continue reading “Bang for Your Buck Holiday Gift Guide: Jewels Under $200”


Anndra Neen Conch Bangle: Conch Republic

I’m all about the easy pieces for summer and nothing is more appropriate for the season than shells and sea life but this does not breath a hint of vacation cheesiness. A wire conch shape subtly eludes to the shell but it’s the open space that gives the airiness of a carefree lifestyle. Especially if … Continue reading “Anndra Neen Conch Bangle: Conch Republic”


Tiffany’s Engraved Jewels: Say It with Tiffany’s

The gift of jewelry is personal as it is, but a piece that’s been engraved just for you? That’s another level, one that’s meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Nobody knows this better than Tiffany & Co. Order one of their engraved designs by 12noon on February 13th, and a customized gift will be … Continue reading “Tiffany’s Engraved Jewels: Say It with Tiffany’s”

Ashley Pittman Horn Jewels

Ashley Pittman Horn Jewels: It’s Second Nature

No one does horn jewels better than Ashley Pittman. As earthy and true to nature as they are cosmopolitan and sophisticated, her pieces are made by a women’s cooperative in Kenya, with 10% of profits going to health care and education.