Snob Essentials

Bella Tunno Bib Designs

Bibs are just bibs right? Well, that’s why you got to get creative with them and make sure they stand out because they are important pieces of equipment in our hectic lives! And these Bella Tunno bibs aren’t really just bibs, they are better than your average because not only do they look good, they … Continue reading “Bella Tunno Bib Designs”


Best of Tot Snob: 2-Tier Babycakes Essentials

We all love cake but I think there are some new moms who would appreciate not having cake brought over for a while.  Although I loved (and devoured) the Sprinkles cupcakes my sister got for my second daughter’s baby shower, now looking at my rear and gut, this might have been a better option!  These … Continue reading “Best of Tot Snob: 2-Tier Babycakes Essentials”


Chic Tots Coveralls

Does your tot make messes so big no bib is big enough to cover them? I am tired of marker and fruit stains, it hurts me to throw out perfectly good clothes because of them but I cannot let my girls go around looking dirty! And now my 1 1/2 year old insists on eating … Continue reading “Chic Tots Coveralls”