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The Design Republik: Affordable, Limited-Edition Designs

When it comes to basics, I do a lot of my shopping at Zara, but there’s nothing worse than wearing something and then seeing someone else wearing that exact same piece – and this is a common problem with Zara.


Frugal Snob Friday: GapFit

I’m not exactly sure when Gap launched their sportswear collection, GapFit, but it’s awesome. Not only are the prices lower than competitors like Lulu and Nike, but the fabrications are just as solid in terms of quality, they wash well, and they have a bunch of neutral prints and colors as well as brighter designs if that’s your thing.


Best Fall Hats: Heads Up!

One of my favorite things about the beginning of each new season is the hat shopping! Summer has some fun options, but fall is when the hat department really starts buzzing. From lacy berets to hybrid hats to silk newsboy caps, there’s no shortage of unique accessories. Here are some choices that’ll have you holding … Continue reading “Best Fall Hats: Heads Up!”


Five Essential Summer Dresses: The Long and Short of It

Shop smart this summer. As much as we want to buy every cute dress we try on (and god knows there’s an unlimited supply of those), it’s best for your budget to remember that you need a little something of everything. Maxis like this printed Nanette Lepore ($226) are great for your average day. See … Continue reading “Five Essential Summer Dresses: The Long and Short of It”

Summer Suits

Summer Suits: Swimwear Fit for a Queen

My least favorite time of year? Swimsuit shopping season. Expectations are high and the use of fabric is low. Don’t feel bullied into a bikini. There’s a surprising number of flattering one-pieces out there and far fewer Snobs in them, so you’re sure to stand out. The best advice for suit shopping is to not … Continue reading “Summer Suits: Swimwear Fit for a Queen”


Pretty Parasols: Staying In the Shade

You don’t see many people carrying sun parasols, but trust me – they’re Snob Essentials for summer. Every available bit of shade and SPF is needed to keep your face looking fresh and youthful. Go kitsch or couture (which is still really kitsch) with one of these playful parasols. Just don’t take them out in … Continue reading “Pretty Parasols: Staying In the Shade”