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Top Untraditional Jewels: Talking Body

Rings that just sit on one finger are so passé. A plain, dainty anklet is old news. And what’s a stud earring without an accompanying cuff?! Okay, I’m kidding, but the point is: There’s a genuinely new shift in motion. Jewels have gone the way of the unconventional…

Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Cool in Collars

Is there ever truly a new trend that doesn’t reference an element of our past? I would say no, especially in this case.


CUCHARA Chokers: Making a Statement

Statement pieces often require you to break a piggy bank or two, but it’s hard to maintain the pow factor of a statement jewel when you wear it over and over again. To keep the momentum going, you really need to change your jewelry up, which is why I love CUCHARA. The line offers a mix of edgy, alt-rocker pieces at affordable price points.

Anndra Neen Geometric Choker

Anndra Neen Geometric Choker: Secret of My Excess

When it comes to accessories, decadence is back, which to me always seems like a sign of an upswing in the economy. It’s excess all the way, but if you’re like me and not the type to pile on baubles, you need to make your statement in one fell swoop.


Hervé Van der Straeten Gold-Plated Cuff: Cut It Out

Get the look of abundance with just one single accessory. Hervé Van der Straeten’s hammered, gold-plated creations always take my breath away. There’s something very old world about the style – like it belongs on a Grecian goddess. But on Hervé’s modern designs, there’s nothing behind the times about the look. Just take notice of … Continue reading “Hervé Van der Straeten Gold-Plated Cuff: Cut It Out”


Holiday Ornament Jewels: Deck the Halls!

Boughs of holly are nice, but jewels are what make me jolly. You’ve decorated your tree, mantle, front door…it’s your turn now! There’s definitely a tacky and gaudy way to wear ornament jewels, but as long as you choose fun and festive (yet still tasteful and sophisticated) options, you’re set to shine. You won’t find … Continue reading “Holiday Ornament Jewels: Deck the Halls!”


Jewel Heaven and Delight at Luisa via Roma

The Luisa via Roma Firenze4Ever Style Lab was the most fun ever! Our shoot was seriously so good, I think we might have to switch careers and become stylists instead =) The Luisa store in Florence, the only one in the world, is seriously awesome. The have the most unique collection you can imagine, especially … Continue reading “Jewel Heaven and Delight at Luisa via Roma”


The Everlasting Pearl: Show Off Those Pearly Whites

Pearls are back in a big way! Not that they ever went away, if we’re talking about that certain Barbara Bush crowd, but now they are genuinely hip.


nOir jewelry at L.A.M.B. Spring 2011 Runway Show

When it comes to costume jewelry, nOir is my favorite (KJL is a close second, but the quality doesn’t hold a candle to nOir). The brand debuted their new collection, designed by Leeora Catalan, on the L.A.M.B. Spring 2011 runway and it added the perfect pop of dimension and contrast to Gwen Stefani’s lavishly printed … Continue reading “nOir jewelry at L.A.M.B. Spring 2011 Runway Show”