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Fabric Wrapped Jewelry

Fabric Wrapped Jewelry: Woven Wonders

As summer cools down we start to bundle up, and our jewels are no different! Woven cotton adds a boho feel to even the most elegant pieces, relaxing them to optimal wearability without losing any of the chic style. Which artisanal jewel will you be wrapping yourself in this fall?

Ana Khouri Rose Gold Diamond Hand Cuff

Ana Khouri Rose Gold Diamond Hand Cuff: Wrap and Roll

Not the kind of hand cuff you’d expect – far better! Ana Khouri’s creation wraps gently around your hand like a sophisticated snake (it’s handmade from 18k rose gold and 1.5 carats of diamonds!). This is for the Jewel Snob who has everything because frankly, it’s pricey. Considering a hand cuff is such a novelty, I’m not sure it’s worth the investment…

Carolina Bucci Woven Gold Cuffs

Carolina Bucci Woven Gold Cuffs: Weave It to Me

It’s always nice to find pieces that are both unique and wearable like Carolina Bucci’s woven gold cuffs. They’re great for summer when you want to make a big statement with minimal effort. Weaving delicate precious metal pieces together requires a level of craftsmanship that makes this investment worthwhile.

Crystals Clusters

Crystals Clusters: More is Never Enough

One crystal is nice, but ten is better! Go big or go home, right? These kaleidoscopes of color are summer fun that will liven up any old outfit. They look like bright pieces of candy, and are just as hard to resist. I say give in to your sweet tooth. The opulence of dripping in … Continue reading “Crystals Clusters: More is Never Enough”


Warrior Princess Jewels: The Good Fight

While summer jewelry is light and airy, fall brings heavy, mixed metals the likes of which you’d see decorating only the greatest of warriors. What better to forge a fighter princess cuff in than gunmetal? The fearsome Halaby Daniel bracelet (on Luisa via Roma for $535) can wield serious authority on the fashion front. Maybe … Continue reading “Warrior Princess Jewels: The Good Fight”

Wonder Woman Cuffs

Wonder Woman Cuffs: Superhero-Sized

The season of superhero blockbusters is in full swing, but the best of all is missing from the pack – Wonder Woman. I’m truly obsessed with her (my sister and Tina even had me dress as WW for my bachelorette party in Vegas!!), so in honor my missing in action heroine, I’m arming my summer … Continue reading “Wonder Woman Cuffs: Superhero-Sized”


Woodsy Jewels: Forces of Nature

Earth Month is a nice reminder to appreciate all things natural, but the look never goes out of style. While often you see jewels modeled after woodsy elements like leaves or flowers, it’s better to just go for the actual organic materials. Horn and wood give you that relaxed feel that’s perfect for summer (especially … Continue reading “Woodsy Jewels: Forces of Nature”


K/ller Collection: V Marks the Spot

The designers of the K/llr Collection met at Parsons when they were studying…furniture design. After Katie borrowed a bracelet from Michael to hide a new tattoo from her mom, they discovered a shared passion that would turn into a global business. After just over two years on the market, their line is now being sold … Continue reading “K/ller Collection: V Marks the Spot”


Frugal Friday: House of Harlow 1960 Warrior Princess Jewels

House of Harlow 1960, Nicole Richie’s Frugal Snob-friendly accessories line, is mixing metals for a collection of pieces that would have even the most stone-faced warrior princesses giddy with excitement. Nicole describes the brand’s target girl as “confident and fun yet still a bit reserved and elegant.” A well-traveled girl like her would wear the … Continue reading “Frugal Friday: House of Harlow 1960 Warrior Princess Jewels”