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Donna Karan
Donna Karan New York Winged Jersey Bodysuit

Donna Karan New York Winged Jersey Bodysuit: Wonder Woman

This is Donna at her best. She started off with the bodysuit that changed everything, so it’s appropriate to see her updating the style years later. I loved the look so much I wore one almost everyday, but this is taking it to a new level!

Top 5 Fur Collars

Top 5 Fur Collars: Just a Little Something

While it may be unseasonably warm at the moment, that can change overnight and when it inevitably does, you’ll want a little something to keep you warm. A full-on fur coat would be too much right now, but a removable fur collar? It’s just what your fall jacket needs!


Golden Globes 2014: Snob Fashion Awards, Part 2

Read Snob Fashion Awards, Part 1 PAULA PATTON, BEST EMBELLISHED DRESS I love this Stephane Rolland Couture even though everyone was doing the Tina Fey, “What the WHAT?”. She looks like an angel so she is able to turn this overly embellished gown in to an ethereal cloud. I’m just happy the fashion was daring … Continue reading “Golden Globes 2014: Snob Fashion Awards, Part 2”

Best Dressed at the Emmys

Best Dressed at the 2013 Emmys: Award-Worthy Style

Julie Bowen really wowed with this sweeping Zac Pozen. The over-the-top look is not what we expect from her which makes it that much more exciting. Plus she looked like she was having fun with it which always makes it look more grand.

Donna Karan Spring 2014 Collection

Donna Karan Spring 2014 Collection: Let It Loose

We’re about mid-way through New York Fashion Week, and there’s a clear theme in place for Spring 2014: out with the body-conscious and in with the diaphanous, free, and loose. Donna Karan cemented the laidback vibe at her show, which was founded on flowing silhouettes of sheer fabric for her earthy-meets-polished babe.

Best Pajamas

Best Sleepwear: The Pajama Game

Kelly says lounge around in PJs this summer as much as you can – at home, on vacation, and of course, at night. Here are some favorites.


Top 5 Summer Tops: White Hot Heat

The white tee is a classic summer staple. It’s like a blank canvas, so the accessory options are endless. Plus, white goes with everything, so you can make little quick changes throughout the day to take you from work to the beach to dinner without having to carry around an extra top! But sometimes you … Continue reading “Top 5 Summer Tops: White Hot Heat”


Top Gowns of the Season: Belles of the Ball

There is just something in the DNA of women that makes us love dressing up to the nines. Some like to be theatrical with large, flowing gowns and their best jewels, while others prefer to be daring fashionistas trying out latest trends and newest designers. The best thing about these special occasions is that they … Continue reading “Top Gowns of the Season: Belles of the Ball”


Donna Karan Asymmetrical Metallic Suede Jacket: Snow Angel Chic

LA may be the City of Angels, but snow angels are noticeably absent. With its glimmering, shimmering suede, this Donna Karan jacket (at Nordstrom for $3,695) is just what I need to get frosty. I love the asymmetrical style – it’s tailored well enough that even with baggy pockets, the piece looks sleek and flattering. Pair … Continue reading “Donna Karan Asymmetrical Metallic Suede Jacket: Snow Angel Chic”