Snob Essentials
Giuseppe Zanotti Coline Chain-Trimmed Suede Sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti Coline Chain-Trimmed Suede Sandals: The Gold and the Beautiful

With daintily thin straps and a 4.5-inch stiletto, it doesn’t get much sexier than this black Giuseppe sandal. Chain details are big this season, and I love that he went with delicate curb-chains to set off the velvety suede. Zanotti’s all about bold, gold details, and these are his best yet. That said, they’re definitely valet shoes. As in, park at valet, walk a few feet to your table, and head home!

Nicholas Kirkwood Fall/Winter 2014

Nicholas Kirkwood Fall/Winter 2014: Getting to the Point

The Nicholas Kirkwood Fall/Winter 2014 collection gets straight to the point. A sleek pointed toe defines almost every shoe in the collection from snakeskin heels to flat boots.

Gucci Caroline Crystal-Band Espadrille

Gucci Caroline Crystal-Band Espadrille: Sweet Caroline

I’m ready to start shopping for summer, and the first item on my list is always the same – espadrille wedges. I wear them from February to October in LA (sporting them during the holidays wouldn’t feel right, even at 72 degrees!). They are my favorite seasonal essentials, so beloved that I decided this year I must find a pair that can be worn all day and night – casually while the sun’s still out, then dressed up for the evening.

Crystal Heft

Crystal Heft: Boldly Embellished Shoes

Spring is the time to come out of your shell (or more likely, your cocoon of coats), leaving your shyness behind, and there is nothing shy about these crystal-encrusted shoes. Certainly nothing comfortable either, but the girl who wears these couldn’t care less about that. They’re hefty in weight and in price.


Rollasole: Dream Machine

You know those tech vending machines that sell iPods and cameras? They just got seriously one-upped because as nice as it is to get those luxuries on the go, comfort is a more of a necessity and Brit shoe brand Rollasole is providing just that by selling their conveniently packable flats in vending machines.

Ankle Strap Slinky Sandals

Ankle Strap Sandals: Thin is In

In the New Year there is one sandal that you must have on your feet – the ankle strap slinky sandal. It’s sexy, ladylike, and best of all, will keep you on top of your pedicures!