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Top 5 Party Rings

Top 5 Party Rings: Cocktail Mix

It’s that time of year again – party season! Get those cocktail rings out and on display. This is not the time to be shy. The bigger and brighter, the better! From chains to fringe, here are the jewels I can’t wait to show off…


Warrior Princess Jewels: The Good Fight

While summer jewelry is light and airy, fall brings heavy, mixed metals the likes of which you’d see decorating only the greatest of warriors. What better to forge a fighter princess cuff in than gunmetal? The fearsome Halaby Daniel bracelet (on Luisa via Roma for $535) can wield serious authority on the fashion front. Maybe … Continue reading “Warrior Princess Jewels: The Good Fight”


Gingham Style Jewels: It’s a Mad, Plaid World

You normally see plaid on picnic blankets, flannel shirts, and your old college professor’s blazer. But now the pattern has jumped off cloth and onto gleaming precious metals. Whether abstract or full-on gingham style, these jewels are plaid and proud. They’re the perfect addition of graphic glint to this season’s stripe and polka dot crazes. … Continue reading “Gingham Style Jewels: It’s a Mad, Plaid World”