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Temple St. Clair Collection

Temple St. Clair is known for exquisite designs that are understated and classic. There are those who appreciate fine jewelery but are modest about the amount of bling. She calls her designs “restrained”, I call it fabulous! These pieces from her current collection shows her range and background of art and architecture. The Tolomeo Pendant … Continue reading “Temple St. Clair Collection”


Holiday Gift Guide for the Frugal Snob

I am buying jewelry for all my girlfriends and nieces this year (hope they are not reading this).  Everyone needs more accessories and who doesn’t love opening up a box of bling?  Even if it isn’t fine jewelry bling, it can still be fabulous.  And best of all, they’re a perfect fit for everyone on … Continue reading “Holiday Gift Guide for the Frugal Snob”


Anaconda Elisa Ring

Anaconda Elisa Ring Part of the trouble respecting editing for a jewelry site, is that occasionally you’ll happen upon something you desperately want – and can’t have. I’ve found a ring that pretty much encompasses everything I’m attracted to when it comes to investment pieces – classic beauty with a feel of elegant antiquity and … Continue reading “Anaconda Elisa Ring”