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Lydia Courteille Jewels: Lydia in Wonderland

Lydia Courteille wanted her jewels to create a dream-like state of mind for their wearers, and she did that and more! The jeweler has brought to life a fantasy that we all want to believe in when we step into the world of fashion – that there is beauty beyond this world that can change … Continue reading “Lydia Courteille Jewels: Lydia in Wonderland”


Temple St. Clair Collection

Temple St. Clair is known for exquisite designs that are understated and classic. There are those who appreciate fine jewelery but are modest about the amount of bling. She calls her designs “restrained”, I call it fabulous! These pieces from her current collection shows her range and background of art and architecture. The Tolomeo Pendant … Continue reading “Temple St. Clair Collection”