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Resort Flat Sandals

Resort Flat Sandals: Shoes Well

When’s your next tropical getaway? With any luck, it’s coming up soon because I’ve picked out the top Resort sandals, flats so wonderful that you’ll go book a trip right now just to find occasion to wear them!

Flats vs. Heels

Flats vs. Heels: Sole Sisters

I may have survived fashion week, but my feet didn’t. I do like to complain about shoe discomfort. Like my husband has said again and again, “You are at the comfort stage of life.” Fine, I accept that. At least I know that about myself and can plan out my life accordingly, but Fashion Week is the exception. The heels had to come out, and I had to prepare to be in them for 14 hours a day.

Essential Winter Boots

Essential Winter Boots: Fun and Function

It’s always disappointing when the time comes to store your chic summer sandals away for another year. Fill that void by indulging in a slew of stylish winter boots! Just don’t let yourself get carried away with buying ones that are all for the same purpose or occasion.


Nicholas Kirkwood Sculpted Wedge Pumps: Ride the Waves

Take a look in your closet. Odds are all the pumps have similar silhouettes (the main difference being whether or not they’re platforms). It’s time to introduce a little more spice into our shoe collections – or sugar, I should say. These gold Nicholas Kirkwood wedges look like they’re made from delectable ribbon candy that’ll … Continue reading “Nicholas Kirkwood Sculpted Wedge Pumps: Ride the Waves”


Jennifer Lawrence: The Bold, and the Beautiful

Jennifer Lawrence  rocked a bold, blonde  new haircut and color at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards recently while stepping out in some Nicholas Kirkwood elaphe, metallic and patent-leather sandals. These statement-making are from the Spring 2013 collection and have a black and white snakeskin pattern coupled with metallic gold and black patent leather. They are … Continue reading “Jennifer Lawrence: The Bold, and the Beautiful”


Nicole Kidman takes on the streets of Vienna in Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicole Kidman attended the Omega Ladymatic promotional press conference in Vienna recently looking prim, polished and perfect in a Nina Ricci top and skirt and Nicholas Kirkwood pumps. These metallic and patent-leather pretties are a work of architectural art with an elaphe-covered heel and a thick ankle strap combined with a neon top and eye-catching … Continue reading “Nicole Kidman takes on the streets of Vienna in Nicholas Kirkwood”


Top 5 Ruffled Shoes: Frill-Seekers

Today is the first day of spring, and while the weather may not reflect that everywhere, your shoes can certainly do the job! Romantic ruffles are just the airy frills to start of the season with. Wear these shoes with bright, girly dresses, but nothing too poufy – you’ve already got enough embellishments and volume … Continue reading “Top 5 Ruffled Shoes: Frill-Seekers”


Valentine’s Day Shoes: Funny Valentine

Valentine’s Day as we know it has been around since the 15th century. So I’d say it’s time we shake things up a bit! I don’t like to take the holiday too seriously. Yes, we all want to have romantic, special evenings, but why not take the pressure off and make it really playful? Be … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Shoes: Funny Valentine”


Impressionist-Inspired Shoes: Art Class

I’m feeling romantic just like the rest of the fashion world. Florals are obvious choices with spring soon to be blooming, but the Impressionist aesthetic offers something fresher with a sense of wonder and imagination that makes me want to stroll through countryside gardens and sip rosé in the afternoon! Like painting, fashion is an … Continue reading “Impressionist-Inspired Shoes: Art Class”