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Fashion Week Virgin

Fashion Week Virgin: Awkward but Proud

Not too long ago (less than a week ago, actually), I was stressing the NYC housing market and hustling like any other out-of-towner trying to make it in this city.


Top Untraditional Jewels: Talking Body

Rings that just sit on one finger are so passé. A plain, dainty anklet is old news. And what’s a stud earring without an accompanying cuff?! Okay, I’m kidding, but the point is: There’s a genuinely new shift in motion. Jewels have gone the way of the unconventional…

Ana Khouri Jewelry

Ana Khouri Jewelry: The Punk Princess

Ana Khouriicon takes personal expression to another level…another stratosphere, really! Both Tina and I have fawned over the Brazilian designer’s hand cuffs before (they’re not what you’d think), and with each new piece I discover, I find myself more and more intrigued.


Safety Pin Jewelry: Pin-Up Girls

One of fashion’s most exciting aspects is the creative spirit of turning the ordinary into something much more, like the everyday, mundane safety pin. It’s not hard to see how they would inspire designers, especially clothing designers who use safety pins daily to drape, cinch and perfect.

Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Cool in Collars

Is there ever truly a new trend that doesn’t reference an element of our past? I would say no, especially in this case.


Dauphines of New York Birthday Headbands: Party Favors

Dauphines of New York always puts out gorgeous, well-priced hair accessories, but when they add the element of personalization, the appeal is even greater. Believe it or not, birthstones have been around since the first century! Mine is good old amethyst, which is faceted beautifully onto the February headband. For a boho look, wear yours … Continue reading “Dauphines of New York Birthday Headbands: Party Favors”


Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Wearing pearls in the summer is as natural as the sun shining in the sky. But these aren’t your grandmother’s pearls. Say goodbye to her simple strand because the precious by-product of my favorite appetizer on a half shell has given new life and a dash of edge with these alternative designs. Tell all of … Continue reading “Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls”


Enchanted Atelier Angelique Headpiece: Love is in the Hair

There’s something about a goddess-style headpiece that just gives a girl an aura of calmness and authority. It’s a little formal but also a little boho, and just plain feminine. Enchanted Atelier’s Angelique checks all of these boxes as the perfect spring statement piece. Three pearl and crystal-accented chains connect floral clips at the sides … Continue reading “Enchanted Atelier Angelique Headpiece: Love is in the Hair”


Finger Bracelets: Put a Ring on It

There’s something about spring that brings out the boho in everyone. It’s a fresh new start, the sun is shining, and you just feel free. Now is the best time of year to try out a new style, and the one I’m eyeing is the finger bracelet. It seems like they’re everywhere and mostly at … Continue reading “Finger Bracelets: Put a Ring on It”