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High-Style Shells: Bring the Beach

I’m in a touristy mood lately. There is no beach vacation without coming home with some sort of seashell trinket. But just because I’m after beachcomber souvenirs doesn’t mean I’m interested in looking like a dorky adventurer. Instead of a typical and cheesy Waikiki puka-shell necklace, these pieces offer that same laidback surfside feel – … Continue reading “High-Style Shells: Bring the Beach”


Liquid Gunmetal – Elsa Peretti's Latest Bone Cuff for Tiffany & Co.

Elsa Peretti is one of only four designers permitted to sign their names to the famed jewelry company’s pieces. Known for her sensual, fluid designs, the bone cuff is among the most renowned, and this latest incarnation is my absolute favorite. It literally looks like liquid gunmetal gray, poured onto the wrist and sexy as … Continue reading “Liquid Gunmetal – Elsa Peretti's Latest Bone Cuff for Tiffany & Co.”