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Luisa via Roma Sale: 30% Off for Bag Snobs!

When a good sale comes your way, you stop everything you’re doing and get to shopping. Items already discounted, some by as much as 50%, are getting an additional cut of 30% off just for Bag Snobs with the code BS30FR. And FREE SHIPPING. What?!

Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials: The Five Shoes You Must Have

Each season, I try to prioritize essentials for the upcoming months (so as not to go wild and get five of each!). For fall, it’s all about flash and function – a burst of metallic via party-ready sandals, as well as flats and galoshes for those cold, rainy days when a black and white calf hair pump wouldn’t be able to hack it.

Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Cages

As we make our way into fall, we leave the flowy silhouettes of summer behind and embrace structure. What better to do this with than the caged trend? While it’s been around for a while, we’re starting to see this manifest itself more and more on everything from booties to sexy peplum skirts.

Sergio Rossi Viva Suede Fold-Over Clutch

Sergio Rossi Viva Suede Fold-Over Clutch: Fall Into Simplicity

When the season changes, powerful statement pieces are a blast to buy, but you’ve got to have elements to balance them out. That’s why it’s so nice to have something new and pared-down for fall, so you’re free to go to town on the rest of your outfit. Sergio Rossi’s Viva clutch is the answer to your punch-packing graphic prints, tricked-out bomber jackets and textural exotics.

Sergio Rossi Suede Flared Cutout-Back Pump

Sergio Rossi Suede Flared Cutout-Back Pump: Pink Peacock

Like father, like son! There must have been some shoptalk at family dinner (wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall at that house??) because this season both of the Rossi men are creating covetable flared back pumps. The Rossis are too talented – Gianvito’s their third generation of shoe designing genius.


Top 5 Lug Boots: Rubber Sole

Boots are a fall staple, and in honor of the punk revival, why not go with some lug soles? Granted the trend is more glam punk (kind of an oxymoron), but no matter! It’s fun and these boots are made for walking, which is not always the case. From Doc Martens to platforms, lug soles … Continue reading “Top 5 Lug Boots: Rubber Sole”


Metal Shoes: Get Your Shine On

Bored of studs but still want heavy metal hardware? You’re not alone. From flats to heels we’re putting the metal to the pedal with metal plates and accents on shoes that could easily double as weapons (used only in self-defense, of course). Whether they’re tall or small, these shoes turn heads by being a step … Continue reading “Metal Shoes: Get Your Shine On”


Black and White Shoes: Monochrome Madness

I’m getting ready for the Luisa Via Roma Firenze 4 Ever Style Lab in January. There’s a ‘90s-themed black and white party at the end of all the festivities that weekend, and although I have my outfit worked out, I still need shoes. Decisions, decisions – if only the choice was black and white. I … Continue reading “Black and White Shoes: Monochrome Madness”


Sergio Rossi Nappa Leather and Python Vest: Assume the Position

If the word “vest” makes you think of valets and Annie Hall, early-nineties swag and menswear chic, forget everything you know. Because I don’t think the word does this number justice. If FBI stripper were an occupation, then Sergio Rossi’s vest would be the main attraction of her uniform (and not just because it probably … Continue reading “Sergio Rossi Nappa Leather and Python Vest: Assume the Position”