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Tue 10.06
You're Invited
You’re Invited: Valentino Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Show!

Watch the Valentino Spring/Summer 2016 show live at 8:30 am EST!

Tue 09.01
Valentino Small Shoulder Bag
Valentino Small Shoulder Bag: Wild About You

While I may not be adventurous enough for a crazy, fun hairstyle these days (the ’80s were a whole different story!), I can definitely project that side of myself with the right bag. Like this twist on the fur-covered front flap by Valentino.

Tue 08.25
Valentino My Rockstud Dragon Embroidered Flap Bag: Divas and Dragons

For Game of Thrones fans, this ornately embroidered Valentino bag will make you feel like the Mother of Dragons. As for everyone else, it will make you feel just plain chic, and that’s enough to get me obsessing!

Mon 06.01
New to the NET-A-PORTER Sale: Up to 30% Off Valentino!

The point of a weekend is to refresh for a new work week, but somehow Monday mornings can still feel dreary. Get your mood in check with these rainbow Valentinos! Many of the 1973 collection pieces sold out quickly, so the fact that any are on sale now is something to be excited about.

Fri 05.15
Valentino Cuffs
Valentino Cuffs: Cuff Love

Whether you’re a plexi kind of girl or leather, look no further! Valentino has you covered – or cuffed, really. This is the easiest way to update your summer wardrobe without spending a fortune. Just throw on one of these, and every outfit will seem new…

Mon 05.11
Valentino My Rockstud Striped Frame and Loewe Amazona 75 Small Leather Shoulder Bags: Pass with Flying Colors

There are girls who get dressed and then just toss a bag over their shoulder as an afterthought. (Clearly, I am not one of those girls.) And then there’s kind of girl who lives – and dresses – vicariously through her bags.

Fri 05.08
Valentino Camouflage Track Trousers
Valentino Camouflage Track Trousers: Singin’ in the Rainbow

I rarely do outfit posts on the site, but I just love this look!

Tue 04.28
Valentino Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag
Valentino Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag: Lover’s Rockstud

Feel the rainbow, taste the rainbow! I know, I know. The Rockstud is played out. I would be sick of Valentino’s ubiquitous pyramid studs myself, but this is such an adorable shape, I can’t resist these colorful pieces of arm candy (including the hardware that comes with them).

Mon 04.06
Valentino Covered Small Printed Leather Tote
Valentino Covered Small Printed Leather Tote: Room to Bloom

A simple, elegant shape like this is born ready to receive the gorgeously printed treatment. Naturally, you can trust Valentino to adorn their top-handle tote without any hesitation, and the result is a look that’s full of bold personality and chic confidence.