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Wed 12.31
Valentino Chevron Rockstud Flap Clutch
Valentino Chevron Rockstud Flap Clutch: Wrapped in Rainbows

Valentino’s multicolored chevron pattern has risen to popularity just as quickly as it would take a rainbow to appear after a thunderstorm – and the results are equally magical.

Fri 12.12
Valentino Sala Bianca Haute Couture Collection: The White Party

In a pre-show interview, the designing force behind the House of Valentino told me white is the color of Haute Couture. Pure, unadulterated, clean, and effortlessly distinctive, the shade’s power lies in its uncorrupted connotation and lack of pretense.

Wed 12.10
Valentino New York Haute Couture Runway Show
Valentino New York Haute Couture Runway Show: Watch It Live!

Watch the Valentino New York Haute Couture runway show right here at 8 pm EST…

Wed 12.10
Valentino Chevron Mini Chain Shoulder Bag: Shaking for Chevron

I’m here in New York City for Valentino’s show tonight, and not only am I so excited to see what they have in store, I’m pretty enthused about their just-released Resort ’15 collection.

Fri 11.14
Valentino Close-Up Sequin-Embellished Suede Shoulder Bag: Sparks Will Fly

Like pastel and bright hues, butterflies may initially seem better suited to make their first fluttery appearance in the springtime. But also like pastels and brights, they are so much more uplifting as we fall into the cold, dark months of winter.

Thu 10.30
Valentino 1973 Beaded Small Lock Shoulder Bag
Valentino 1973 Beaded Small Lock Shoulder Bag: The Amazing Technicolor Dream Bag

I give Valentino a lot of love because honestly, Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo aren’t doing much wrong these days. This latest confection only further solidifies my obsession. Hello, happiness! They’ve unleashed one of the most upbeat and perfectly irreverent bags you’ve ever seen, in time for the spring season.

Wed 10.15
Valentino Bird Embroidered Suede Shoulder Bag: What’s Good for the Goose is Good to Gander

We’ve become so accustomed to the spectacular embroidery and detailing showcased on Maria Grazia’s and Pierpaolo’s epic dresses for Valentino, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see similar work on one of their bags. But that doesn’t make taking a gander at this bag any less special…

Thu 10.02
Valentino Rivet Color-Block Leather Shoulder Bag
Valentino Rivet Color-Block Leather Shoulder Bag: Revved to Rivet

From rock studs to rivets: Valentino is currently easing up on their trademark (to the point of ubiquity) hardware and going for a lighter look with a smattering of delicate rivets. The level of metal might be turned down a few notches, but this bag manages to still pack a punch when it comes to covetability.

Tue 09.30
You’re Invited
You’re Invited: Valentino Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Show

Fashion Month is winding down, but some of the best shows are still to come, including my beloved Valentino.