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Diamond Crocodile Birkin


What’s better than a Black Croc Birkin? A Black Croc Birkin with bling! Earlier this year, Doyle New York auctioned off this black crocodile Hermes Birkin customized with a clasp and lock featuring 14 carats of pave diamonds that sold for $64,800. So in the world of bags, this officially is the ultimate in the Holy Grail of bags. This same auction had 11 Hermes bags in total, including (pictured in order below) a royal blue ostrich Birkin bag that sold for $15,600; an Etrusque crocodile Kelly bag that sold for $13,200; a black crocodile Kelly bag that sold for $12,000; and an anthracite crocodile Kelly bag that sold for $10,200, all from a single owner. So in the world of snobs, she is officially the ultimate “Heather”.

blue ostrich birkin.jpghermesetrusquecrockelly.jpgblackcrockelly.jpganthrocitekelly.jpg


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  1. Actually, the prices aren’t bad AT ALL! It’s a bargain, if you ask me. They could easily fetch a lot more. Birkins with regular leather are just a few hundred dollars away from the Croc ones that were being sold!

  2. I like to buy such a bag for a girlfriend, but i don’t know if she would like it.

    i like to give presents to nice lovely girls.

    i like the bag very much..