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Days of Grace

Thank you Fashionable Kiffen for this week’s Carnivale of Couture topic. What trend do we want resurrected


We want the glamour and femininity of women from the 50’s back. Yeah, well, we can do without the bowing down and kissing our husbands asses part, we just want the attitude of style and dress. These days, looking slovenly is considered chic. Back then, women are properly dressed wherever they go. There are days when I feel like wearing a nice dress but people look at me and ask if I’m on my way to a wedding or something. Why can’t I just wear a proper dress with gloves and a fabulous bag just to buy some milk? Or to a picnic? Grace Kelly, especially in To Catch A Thief, was absolute perfection. No one has been able to come close to the image of Grace Kelly in sunglasses and head scarf while riding in a convertible. Alway imitated, never duplicated. She is the epitome of a true Princess.


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  1. FABULOUS! I love dressing like a ’50’s goddess! We should all start wearing gloves to protect our hands from sun damage.

  2. o my gosh, i was just thinking the same thing!! i live in seattle, where everone is lay-back and sloppy, so even if you wear a sundress, you’ll still get people asking, “what’s the special occasion?” ugh!