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Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2007


Ms. Practical has been my go to favorite for a long time. You can always pull on a DvF dress and leave the house without much scrunity – in front of the mirror or from whoever you’re seeing. Not much contemplation involved. This collection however requires a bit more consideration before dressing. There were a lot of ruffled dresses which do not work for everyone and by everyone I mainly refer to myself. But I have to say, some of them are very prom dress-y which nobody appreciates. The abstract color block print is also something I’m not in love with although the palette is fantastic, especially the orange/papaya. The black and white print however is amazing, it is versatile, bold and young. There were a few really cute little dresses that rounds out the collection making me still feeling like Diane is looking out for me. And hopefully as President of the CFDA she can do something to help the world of fashion see that there is nothing further from beauty than being deathly skinny.


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