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Dressing for Valentine’s Day


So everyone is thinking about the day of love, what to do, what to want and what to gift but we of course are thinking of what to wear. Perhaps I am being unduly influenced by my surroundings (I am in Hawaii for a wedding) but I cannot think of anything more fitting than this 3.1 Phillip Lim saffron floral print dress to induce some romance (and not to mention envy from every man who lays eyes on you). Just putting on this calf length silk empire dress will make you and your date think you’re in a tropical paradise walking along the beach during sunset with sounds of waves crashing. And of course strapless should always be worn with a clutch – this VBH dresses up the relaxed feel with the gold metallic. Now that we have the perfect thing to wear, the big date is 90% without fail to make us feel like giddy high school girls. VBH Gold Clutch for $850 and 3.1 Phillip Lim Saffron floral print dress for $615, both at Net-a-Porter.


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  1. Am sad that I could not go with Kelly to attend Creighton’s wedding (one of our college best friends). Congratulations Creighton, Love you!