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L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

An absolute essential in my bag is the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, especially during the winter. For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in cold climate, you MUST keep this on you at all times. I keep the larger tube at home – I might forget my cell phone or wallet but I never leave home without my shea butter hand cream. Nice supple hands is the key to looking fresh and young, having dry cracked hands ages you by at least 10 years. I love the pure shea butter and although this is only 20% shea butter, it is actually more absorbant and leaves your hands soft and not greasy, which is important during the day so you don’t gunk up your keyboard. At Sephora, $10 for the 1 oz tube ($25 for the 5.2 oz).


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  1. I have been looking for a good hand cream and so many people have recommended this as well. My shopping list continues to grow.

  2. I have been devoted to this product for years! A little tip on this one. When I’m out and about, I carry a small tin of shea butter over the lotion(despite the greasiness). My hands are pretty sensitive to the industrial soaps I’m confronted with, so I’ve found that the heavy-duty shea butter helps combat the ill effects of them. But at home, the hand cream is perfect. I’ve got it stashed in three places!

  3. Hi, I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and I remember briefly seeing this entry. Then today as I walked around a department store John Lewis, I saw a brand sign named L’Occitane. It reminded me of the hand cream you had mentioned so I quickly went over to check if they had it. They did! Both large AND small tubes. I tried some on my dry hands and wow this works wonders. I’m so greatful to have seen this entry and gave it a go. It costs a little more being shipped over here. The small tube cost half the big one but had only a fifth. Being a student I didn’t want to loose out, so I’ve bought the large tube 🙂 I’m still not very familar with this brand as it’s not ever mentioned much in the uk. Do you know what they are famous for? or just the hand cream?

  4. I thought I found the perfect hand cream (Norwegian formula and also Dove – which too is fab btw, in case you find this steep).

    But, by far this is the best. I swear by it! So is their Shea Butter foot cream. No price is too heavy to pay for you and your skin.