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Miu Miu Coffer Clutch Conflict


Photo by Bag Snob (we apologize for the poor quality)

How much did we love the Miu Miu Coffer? And you know we also adore clutches so when we saw this Coffer Clutch in gun metal metallic, we of course had to get it!! (and we used our Bag Snob Amex so we’ll share it!) It is a big sized clutch which, as we have been preaching, is great to have for versatility and functionality. This bag is only $510 which makes it cheap and chic. This being a trendy bag and not something destined for the Bag Snob museum so we’re both anxious to use it while it’s still in style. But since Kelly is moving back to Los Angeles and I am still in Dallas, who should keep the bag first? We feel we have imparted such great knowledge to our readers, we are going to leave it up to you to decide the fate of this bag. Take the poll below; we will close the poll at the end of the week and we’ll see what becomes of this lovable bag. Our respective arguments for using the bag first:

Kelly– I am moving back to LA and need funky trendy bags to update my wardrobe with. Even though I do not have as many parties and events to attend as Tina, I will be using it during the day for lunches with the girls.

Tina– I attend charity events and cocktail parties weekly, most of which are black tie or formal. Although this is a somewhat casual clutch, the metallic shimmer makes it easy for me to dress up with. Plus the weather in LA is pretty much the same all year long so it makes no difference if Kelly gets it now, or in August. I would use this through the Spring and early Summer but will need more substance come Fall.


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  1. Good point Irena, but it’s more fun to let you guys decide! We usually do not share bags, but we used our joint funds from Bag Snob to buy it so we’re going to share it 🙂

  2. Who the devil said that you girls have enough bags. How ridiculous. I am voting for Tina first! Kelly, use moving to a new city as an excuse to buy a new clutch 🙂 The chloe gold bow clutch is just as cute if you don’t mind giving up silver!

  3. On a related subject, I’m curious to know how you like the linen Coffer with gold accents. It looks cute in photos, but I’ve not seen the real thing. Is it a case of pushing the franchise a little too far, or is it a good summer option? Thanks!

  4. Hi Edie

    I think the miu miu coffer in linen is cute but it’s a bit pricey for a bag made of cloth ($1200). If you love the coffer, spend a little more on a suede or leather one.

    Stella mccartney has many fabulous linen and canvas bags for under $600 which is what I would recommend.


    Bag Snob

  5. Umm….the one I need to own. There’s a hole in my bag collection that’s screaming for a decent sized metallic clutch! Leaving for Paris in less than 24 hrs…surely I’ll find it there?