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Renewing Home Facial


There is nothing worse than being sick except that once you are better, you still look dreadful with dry dull skin. I was homebound and in bed for 2 weeks and when I finally felt good enough to care to inspect myself in the mirror I was horrified to find the years of regimented beauty treatments had seem to all go down the drain. I quickly went through my inventory of products to see what would revive me and to my delight I was spot on in choosing the Natura Bisse Glyco Peel followed by the Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask. I figured the Glyco Peel would exfoliate the 2 weeks of dead skin cells and the mask would rehydrate and give back the life my skin needed. As soon as I put on the Glyco Peel, I could feel the effects and see the flush come back to my skin. The healing mask did wonders by giving me the moisture I sorely needed (I actually developed fine lines throughout my face from dehydration). After this one-two punch, I was glowing and feeling like new again! And I don’t have to tell you what this did for my spirits! Looking better immediately made me feel better! This is now going to be my new bi-weekly at home treatment in between facials. Natura Bisse Glyco Peel is $170 at Neiman Marcus. Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing mask is $65 at eLuxury.


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  1. The glyco-peel is divine. It literally changed my skin. I loved BSTina’s evening skincare routine. I am eagerly awaiting her morning routine.