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I’ve never been a huge fan of Vanessa Minnillo. I’ve always found her to be blah and constantly wonder if she’s famous for anything other than picking up Jessica Simpson’s sloppy seconds. (I am aware she was an MTV something or other, but I don’t think that qualifies her for even the B-list celeb status she seems to have achieved.) At any rate, I opened the package I received from Flirt! Cosmetics today with caution. I didn’t know much about the line other than that it is sold exclusively at Kohl’s. But I figured, “Hey, Kohl’s got Vera Wang, maybe they got some quality makeup as well!” Vanessa is a guest creator for them and has come up with two different palettes that are going to be sold for a limited time only. I tried the Party Purple one and was surprisingly pleased! It’s not the best eyeshadow ever, but the colors are really pretty. The palate has four different complimentary colors ranging from a light pink to a glittery, bronze to a deep dark matte purple. It actually is kind of perfect. Vanessa definitely comes off as a party-hard girl and this is fun, night out makeup so it makes sense. They’re giving away one compact a day leading up to the official launch of the line and even though it’s no fun pop quiz like our daily giveaways, it’s definitely worth your 5 minutes to go to the website and enter! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Enter for the free compact at


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  1. I hate to be a Language Snob, but I believe you mean “palette” like the range of colors used by a particular artist, not “palate” , which is the roof of the mouth…..