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Chanel Sueded Alligator 2.55


As Kelly said, I am in LA having loads of fun. We took a meeting yesterday at the Sunset Marquis (it was trés LA) and then headed to Neiman Marcus after (but of course). I was really good, I only bought make up because I splurged on the crocodile birkin and ricky wallet so I told myself no more shopping for at least a month. I did, however, get my shopping thrill by convincing Kelly to buy the super cool Marni Balloon bag in purple, it had her name all over it so she had to have it! Plus she’ll need it for Fashion Week in September 🙂 I thought we were done and were about to leave when I saw this beauty from Chanel. OH.MY.GOD! Sueded Alligator in a gorgeous finish, silver with golden sheen on top– to die! If you have never stroked sueded Alligator skin, you are missing out my friends. Of course it is off limits to me (I will have to commit myself to the insane asylum if I buy another bag this month) but it doesn’t mean I can’t dream! There is only one in US and it’s priced at a mere $35,695 (so if you don’t really need a new car, you can go for this totally frivolous but oh so fabulous bag instead!) Call Gary Disney at NM Beverly Hills 310-550-5900 EXT 2042 or his cell 818-284-8862 and tell him Bag Snob sent you.



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  1. On the other hand, don’t you have a birthday coming up? If it was a choice between this and the BV you featured a few days ago, which would you want most?

  2. Good point, my birthday is in August…..

    But the Crocodile Birkin was my gift to me 🙂

    The BV bag is a mere fraction of this price so I may still get that in September when we’re deeper in the fall season……. my gosh. So many bags, so little time!

  3. PERFECTION! the color reminds me of the sun’s rays glistening in the ocean…but i’m still not sure how i feel about the practicality of sueded croc. so is the NM in Beverly Hills better than the one in Northpark? I always go shopping in New York, but I wanna visit some new places!

  4. Wow…how come this small bag is so much….it looks divine but way too expensive unless you have a purse the size of the Hiltons!!

    Is it right chanel have done reruns of there Vintage bags?!


  5. Miss Tina, you are OBSESSED. It’s amazing that your obsession is vicariously fulfilled through other people spending their money. You remind me of me!!!! (except you’re a trillion times better than me at spotting awesome handbags).

    I want to know what the comission is off a $35k handbag… if it is re-donk-u-lous like I think it is, then I have the wrong job. Cool bag, bad price.

  6. GORGEOUS BAG…it does look like something magical…I was thinking Tina…do you only have two croc birkins? Or was it one kelly croc and now your new birkin? If they gave you a discount (since you ARE a good customer and wonderful PR for them!!) maybe you could add this little number to your collection as a birthday birthday present :). What’s your DH going to get you for your birthday? lol…the exotic BV? that one IS gorgeous too though. You’re right!!! too many bags…oh so little time 🙁

  7. LOL, I don’t think Rich, Kelly’s husband, thinks it’s so cool that I like to help people spend money 🙂

    Lauren– you’d think I’d get a discount from Hermes but sadly I don’t. I don’t know anyone who gets discounts, even the employees have a very small discount (I won’t name any names but many of them have griped to me about it )

    BTW, my DH will not buy me a bag for my birthday. He is so over bags and so sick of seeing the hundreds of bags in my closet that the last thing he will do is buy me a bag! Haha, he will, however, buy me jewelry– which is what I want from him.

    I like buying my own bags 🙂

  8. Are you still going to buy the BV ostrich bag?? I put my name on the list. BTW, it comes in purple!!

    How many of the bags that you review do you buy?? Just curious…

  9. Oh my, this small bag is gorgeous. I think that it has my name written all over it. But unfortunately the price is so high, that I´d have to sell my three horses and that I would not do.

  10. I am head over heels in love with Chanel,just like my Mum-it is without a doubt, the only brand that makes clothes and accessories that won’t age and will serve generations. If that’s not a reason to buy I don’t know what is…Tina I hope you will get this bag cause it surely needs a good home and I would hate it to end up with Paris Hilton type gal-it needs love!

  11. Are you still going to buy the BV ostrich bag?? I put my name on the list. BTW, it comes in purple!!

    How many of the bags that you review do you buy?? Just curious…

  12. Pls can someone tell me what BTW means I have seen it written lots on peoples comments…..probably a really blonde question but I am natrually blonde!!!=)


  13. T-WOW!!!! what an AMAZING!!!! lookin bag!!!

    Would love to have a fondle…and whats more AMAZING!! only one in the US. I would love to own one bag NO one else had, and perhaps named after me…Hello, Mr.ODLR,(did you hear that?)

    (hint hint)… =)


  14. T-I might be getting the GD bag from my cousin in London, My question to you is, did you check out all the bags while you were at the GD boutique? I think I really LOVE the 36 hours Monaco bag in the python, I tend to lean more towards larger bags…Did you see it? did you Love it?? NEED HELP!! THX!!!!


  15. B– I think you can carry off the Monaco bag in Python. I saw it and it’s total slouchy chic!

    But I like the 24hour barcelona for its flexibility and overall girly cuteness. You can use it day or night and it’s actually quite roomy!

    This Chanel is amazing, it is not like suede. It’s more like a thick and luxurious velvet… purrrrrrrrfection!

    James– In my opinion, Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills is better than North Park. But mostly because I have fond memories of going to the Beverly Hills location several times a week during college with my partners in crime (Kelly and a couple of other friends). I spent a lot of time there trying on clothes and looking at bags, not always buying as I was on a monthly allowance from my parents (which is why Kelly and I would buy each other bags on our parents’ credit cards under the pretense that they were gifts to each other!).

    I also developed a penchant for Chanel cosmetics and Prada bags during that time! After college, when I started working, It was also where I discovered that Armani cuts too big for me, that Gucci pants by Tom Ford in size 38 will make the plainest of girls feel like a sex kitten, and that if you spend money on a well cut jacket, you can wear casual jeans and a tank top and still look fabulous! I was buying Perry Ellis jackets by Marc Jacobs back then and still have several. The shrunken fit was amazing and ahead of its time!

    Northpark holds different memories, and not very happy ones. I did not have a single friend when I moved to Dallas (I actually didn’t have any friends for the first few years here! Dallas is not the easiest place to make friends though everyone is so “friendly”) and I would go there to stave off loneliness, trying to find familiarity in a strange new city. Sad, huh?


  16. Thanks T for your help…I am SO in LOVE with the color GD you got! the GD website only shows the monaco in the natural color python which I love but really want it in the gun metal, I wonder if they have that color in the monaco, will be calling them in the AM, THX!! =)


  17. Thank you all for the lesson on short form!! I seem to be the only one who never heard of this…oh well what a blondie I am!!!

    T that story is so sad…how did you eventually find and make friends…as you seem such a fun loving, friendly person?! I hope your hubby realises what a sacrifice you mad an how hard it was…you definaltey deserve that beach house in LA!!!

    B…so pleased you’ll be getting your bag, was started to thinking little men in white coats would be cartying you off soon!!! 😉


  18. Hi Lottie,

    I have a fabulous group of girlfriends in Dallas now! It took years of weeding out people who want to be friends with you for the wrong reasons but now my girls and I are a tight knit group and I am quite happy 🙂

    The only time I go to Northpark NM is to eat lunch with friends and to check out the bag section for bags to review. I really do not shop in Dallas much because they don’t carry small sizes.

    NYC is my preferred city for shopping 🙂


  19. wow…that is pretty sad tina. i’m glad you found your niche in dallas and you definitely deserve the summer home (or at least a beach front condo) in LA. you helped me realize that i should stick with new york because it has the fondest memories for me.