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Croc Fever! Hermes Crocodile Birkin and Ricky Crocodile Clutch/Wallet!


I apologize for waiting so long to share my new purchases, but I have been trying to regroup after my Europe trip and now preparing for my upcoming LA-Philadelphia-New York trips starting today so this just completely slipped my mind! So (drumroll….), my latest croc obsessions are items that I think all of you will agree are timeless “Must haves”. The Hermes Crocodile Birkin in Havane with Palladium Hardware and the Ralph Lauren Ricky clutch/wallet in hot pink crocodile– both are out of this world fabulous! Without saying, the Hermes birkin made of ten year old niloticus crocodile from Africa is just divine. I have never felt croc skin that was more buttery or smooth in my entire life! This bag is the ultimate birthday gift not to mention a serious investment (I can sell it right now for double its retail price– that’s what I tell my hubby anyway so don’t you tell him otherwise!). But the Ralph Lauren Ricky clutch/wallet in sophisticated true pink crocodile comes a very close second! (Jump for more photos!)


Ricky Wallet At Ralph Lauren (also in white croc). Call Dana 214-522-5270.

I picked up this pink crocodile wallet last weekend because it is just the most precious and groovy thing ever! I had wanted the hot pink Ricky bag but the clutch/wallet is just as good! It is large enough for me to use it as a clutch but small enough to be a daily wallet. It has more slots than I can utilize not to mention the multiple cash/receipts/checks slots.


Check out the coin purse with its own clasp on the other side so you can fill it up without worrying about wallet bulge! It also fits lip gloss if needed. This color is the ultimate in pink (not bubble gum nor barbie, just a beautiful shade of rich pink!) not to mention super functional. What else (other than a hot pink crocodile birkin) can a girl ask for????


RL Ricky clutch/wallet at Ralph Lauren– call Dana 214-522-5270 for details.


Birkin at Hermes boutiques worldwide (if you can get your hands on one.) I got mine in Europe– it is cheaper there though a bit complicated to get to me. I have peeps at several Hermes boutiques around the world watching my back to ensure I get all the bag I crave!



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  1. Havane Crocodile is the ultimate. When I see this, all I see is melting chocolate – again! Hehe, glossy and fantastically indulgent.

    Please model it for us, Tina!

    your very faithful reader,


  2. i LOVE the clutch…much better than the ricky if you ask me. the wallet is a fun pop of color, while a pink croc bag is a bit much! i really like the havane croc birkin (who wouldn’t?) but i prefer the lizard one you picked up a while back. i think i like the croc better in graphite. fab choices as always tina!!!

  3. Hi Tina

    Great buys! You are the best! The pink croc is so delicious and the croc Birkin is so divine. Did you place order on the Birkin or they just happened to have one in the store? I was offered a black Togo on-the-spot once but i could not take the tempting offer because i just purchased some new bags back then.

  4. Brown crocodile, well Tina I think you chose the ultimate.

    Brown i thing is the more natural color of crocodile, so you have

    this wonderful bag is the best color. You have set the Birkin

    Bar now, Beautiful.

    Question: any suggestions for the perfect Rain Bag?

    [to wear on those really rainny days]

    Shoulder bag at least 9″ drop, secure, large enough for everything.

    [FYI if my Birkin had a shoulder strap I would use it with its raincoat]

  5. My brown lizard birkin has gold hardware so I felt it was okay to get another brown in the palladium plus this is a 30cm and the lizard is 25cm! 🙂 Okay, I am terrible and have no self control!!!

    The graphite crocodile was ordered at US boutique and is still on order… should be here this Fall.

    I am obsessed with this wallet! Almost more so than the birkin.

    Mynewbag– I like patent leather for rain bags, they wipe right off!


  6. Hi Tina!

    I have an idea/suggestion/request for you.

    I want a Tina’s entire bag collection tour!

    I thought it would be very impressive if you can post your whole collection at once. It will be so amazing to see all your bags in one sitting and also get ideas on how to store/organize the bags.

    Will you entertain this idea please?

  7. This bag is drop dead gorgeous, Tina, and your purchase raises the bar on bag envy. So, would you consider setting up a Tina/Kelly Bag Gallery for your readers where we could all feast on the glories of your collections? I’m sure you could easily find an intern who would love to create the gallery … for insurance purposes, of course … and you could share bag moments with your readers. Just a thought!

  8. Love love love the bag! I am looking into purchasing the Ricky do they do this colour?…did you pick up the clutch/purse in Europe or US? I think i would like a fab looking colour in the Ricky!

    Do you have several Hermes stores that help you with bags…..that seems to be what the Bringing Home the Birkin did…would you say that is best not to have all your eggs in one basket?!


  9. When looking at the Ricky bags online I notice they do an Alligator and crovc exactly the same price so what is the differecne in the skin?


  10. swoon:……. am going to pass out now. how many hermes bags does this make. I read in one of your interviews that you had 12 but that was last year… what is the count now? I am guessing 20 including hermes clutches and wallets.


    The bag is DIVINE!! I agree with James, the pink Ricky (even though I LOVED IT)!! was a bit much-However, the wallet is totally YUMMMMMMMY! and I must have IT!!..(sigh)

    or is it MIA like my GD bag?!?!? =)


    PS…Tina, I must know where I will be able to find that GD bag. (and YES!! I am still talking about it.) 😉

  12. B… make me laugh…..your still going on about the GD bag!!! you really need to hop on Air France an pick up your bag!! =)

    Tina…another Ricky question how come some of the bags have hardware at the top of the bag and others don’t??


  13. T- I was talking about when the GD comes to the states…(or were you teasing me again?)

    is it really coming to the states?? =(


    PS. I will call Paris and see if they will ship. I do speak french after all. (doubt it-RIGHT??)

  14. B,

    I think on they have the bag Tina has for special order except that it is gold metallic. Call them maybe since it is special order you could get the grey metallic. Good luck!

  15. B- I am in LA and I know the PR for Let me ask her and see what she can do.

    You should email the boutique as well and say you are a Bag Snob reader.

    Lottie- All the Ricky bags have the straps and hardware. The ones that don’t are the puffy ricky (which by the way– Dana has 2 on sale– black crocodile and red crocodile for $7499 discounted from $17,000!

    Call Dana 214-522-5270! xoxo

  16. James is right, $7499 for a crocodile puffy ricky is unreal! They are discontinuing the design (which I think is feminine and lovely compared to the ricky plus the croc skin comes from the Hermes owned farm– so it’s the best quality.)

    The red is a lipstick red, gorgeous. Almost bought it myself but got the pink wallet and the Croc birkin and could not find it in my heart (nor wallet) to buy another croc.


  17. Really Tina and James you shouldn’t encourage me!!! I was a little unsure as to whether i liked the shape of the Puffy Ricky?! Do you not think it is a little more “old School” as we would say in England?!

    B…do let us know if you get the GD bag…I hope you do otherwise I think you may need to see someone it really has become your little obsession!!=)Lol


  18. Lottie YES!! lol still talking about it..

    I wish I can hop on Air France, but not that simple for me, I am finally flying back home tomorrow from my long Hiatus…

    Tina, I will email them, THX for the help… =)

    Lori, Thank You for the tip.. =)

    James, Thx for the good luck… =)

    You Guys are the BEST!!!! =)


  19. Lottie – the puffy ricky is definitely not old fashioned, especially in red croc! not to mention the fact that at $7499, it’s cheaper than a leather birkin and it’s made out of HERMES CROCODILE SKIN! what more could you ask for? i could go on and on but i have to wash off this enzymw peel, before it burns a hole in my face. :0

  20. Lottie-waylololo….Tell me about it, I think I need therapy for heck sake…

    And we also say “old school” here as

    Will for sure tell you if I finally get my hands on this bag!! =)


  21. First, just got home from a night with 3 kids (and a little wine for me and my girlfriend- how else could we stand the screaming whining and general fun-ness of toddler boys?) and laughing outloud at you all

    James- enzyme is awesome– the best for glowing skin.

    B- call and email them for sure.

    Lottie- ARE YOU CRAZY? Puffy Ricky is more fun than traditional Ricky and soooooooooo feminine. I am thinking of grabbing it… the red is gorgeous. I saw it and played with it on Saturday– doubt it is still available but you better call Dana!


  22. YES LOTTIE- ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?! lol…You better JUMP on that FAB!! puffy Ricky….and in red?? Hello??? way DELISH!!!!!

    James-I SO LOVE!! that you know SOOOO MUCH about all these bags…lets do lunch…lol =)


  23. Can you post a pic maybe T of the Red puffy Ricky?! I am very tempted and after James you and B have all called me Mad….I am starting to think I need to act fast else this little beauty of a bragain will pass me by and i’ll end up a mad lady like B (over the GD bag)!!! =)

    James…I hope you got that enzyme peel off…what is so fab about this peel I’ve never heard of it….and im so into products!!!;)

    Thanks for the advice….will let you know what I decide!


  24. lottie – enzyme peels are amazing! dead skin cells, fine lines, age and blemish spots, everything disappears after 2 uses. i’ve been using the ole henriksen blue/black berry enzyme mask for a while now and i love it, but i just switched to the peter thomas roth pumpkin enzyme peel which is a little harsher, but also more effective, anti-aging, and it smells better! check them out at

  25. The birkin is fabulous, but I prefer the Valextra pink clutch you featured several months ago to the Ricky clutch. I’m not a huge fan of hardware, the pale pink of the Valextra was more subtle (and so feminine), and the Ricky looks a bit like a large (but fabulous) wallet.

  26. Thanks James….I am going to check them out they sound fabulous! I have fairly sensitive skin so would you recomend the less harsh peel!! How wonderful now i’ll be glowing when I stroll out with the red croc Puffy Ricky! 😉

  27. lottie – so you decided to get the red croc puffy ricky?! i know you’re gonna LOVE it! if you have sensitive skin, you’ll want the amore pacific treatment enzyme peel. it’s the best and so gentle. check it out on

  28. James – I would like to see a picture of the bag, but I have just purchased some shoes that it would look perfect with….so I am looking into it….my only concern is being in the Uk the duty etc for shipping it over!!

    You sound like me a product junkie….thanks for the tip will let you know how I get on with the peel! Has Tina/Kelly contacted you with regards to the Forum think it will be so fun if they do get it set up!!


  29. lottie – i’ve never seen the red one (in real life or online) which is partially why i’m so excited about it. here’s the link to the black and brown one’s which you’ve probably already seen.

    i’m definitely a beauty junkie. i really need to pick some products that i love and just be consistent, but i can’t. there’s always something new to try.

    i’m excited about the forum too! but i’m sure it will take a while to set up.

  30. your Birkin is beautiful!! i love the color; its timeless & classic. i’m sooo jealous 🙂

    that’ll be my first splurge once i get my own paycheck. my parents might just die if they see the price tag, haha.

    check it out!

    kim <3

  31. Ahhh dying of jealousy it’s sooo purty!!!!!!! might just have to call Stephanie @ Hermes… :p

    How long did you have to wait for it??… hate the damn waiting list!!!!

  32. I think it’s disgusting that you’re fine with someone killing such a beautiful animal so you could gratify your ego and brag to the world. I have nothing against bags, i love fashion, but this is, like I said, disgusting on your part and on the part of Hermes, who now have farms to breed this poor animals for accessories.

  33. I agree with you Deni. People who feel it’s justifiable to destroy another species so they can strut around with their stupid, over-priced, euro trash hand bag are losers, and will pay dearly in their next life. I just wish I could be there to witness it. Have some bloody compassion people for the love of God!

  34. How much we have to learn. I’m stunned. Billions of children with no food or shelter, and presumably bright sane people with the financial ability to help them, to save lives and give meaning to their own, throw it away instead on something made of the body of an animal bred and killed for that purpose – because “it’s sooo purty!!!!!!!”

    I can’t even begin to express how astonished I am that this level of blindness still exists, or how sad I am for all of you who still live in this world.

  35. You people are shameful. You need help, seriously. There is a lot going on in the world, and you talk and brag about an expensive purse created from the skin of a beautiful creature. Please…this is why the world seriously needs to end. You people have screwed it up. As Tool said…LEARN TO SWIM.