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Hermes Jypsière Messenger Bag


The most exciting bag off the Hermes Fall runway is the Jypsière bag. A perfect balance of the timeless design of the birkin combined with an ultra modern messenger style, I have a feeling it will make a major splash with sporty fashionistas worldwide (I know Kelly is going to flip for it!). It is fashioned after a hunting satchel in which Jean Paul Gaultier describes as “a functional, nonchalant bag slung across the shoulder, combined with the iconic details of the Hermes bags”* As with the birkin and kelly, the straps are best left open so you can lift the flap easily. The strap is adjustable and removeable though this is not something you would want to clutch. It will be available in multiple colors but I love the Graphite and Olive clemence versions best. Both colors are rich and deep, perfect for Fall! The sueded crocodile is also a texture that I am dying to experience, it is so lush! Jypsière in leather 34cm is $6,800 at Hermes boutiques. Call Craig at 214-528-0197 to order. There is also a 37cm for our manbag snobs!


*JPG Quote Source Bazaar



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  1. Hi Tina, I LOVE THIS BAG TOO and am dying to get my hands on a Graphite, Chocolate or Raisin one (if they have the latter two colors), but the sueded croc sounds divine! I’ve been carrying around my Hermes Vespa (messenger style) this summer b/c with three little children, it’s so practical and leave my hands free to hold my baby’s hand:) My SA says it’s coming soon..did you see one in your neck of the woods yet? or only in pictures?

    By the way, I want to thank you for featuring the Lindy in the vert anis color you bought. Previously, the Lindy did not appeal to me in the basic colors (black, brown, red etc, although i love those colors in the kelly) but after i saw your blog on the Lindy, I’ve been searching for unique colors and found one in Turquoise swift! It’s a great bag for the summer and i also got a H wallet in the vert anis.

  2. Umm yum the graphite looks gorgeous….my only concern from the photos, without seeing full length pictures of models with bags, they possibly don’t look like very girly bags like the Kelly/birkin and Lindy? Whats your take?


  3. Oh Tina!! I really love this bag, a practical bag with the shoulder strap AND with the look and class of the kelly and birkin!! I just died and went to bag heaven!

  4. sporty indeed but I think it could pass as a work bag? Graphite one looks best in my opinion but the croc version ain’t bad either.

  5. Tina, this bag is GREAT!! I also fancy it in Graphite, like Ping said when you have kids you need your hands to be free, this bag is perfect for me…I wonder how long the starp is.

    Tina you’ve mentioned in the past you dont really do messenger bags….WHY??? is it the same reason why you dont like to carry big bags? Just curious is all!! 🙂

    Thx for another great post…


  6. I’m lovin this bag – I can easily see myself in it. Come on james, granny bag?!?!? Please, this is classic and practical AND snobby!!! If the 34 cm is $6,800, how much would the 37 cm cost approximately?

  7. Tina…sory to bombard you with questions but do you really use the long straps on your Lindy? I cant do messengers or long straps…they make me feel like I’m back at school and should be in a pinie with my school purse over my shoulder(this might be very Bristish but I hope you get my point?!)

    I also don’t find them girly enough….but B this may change when I have children as i see your point!


  8. Lottie

    I used that strap on the Lindy EVERY day when I was traveling and whenever I am with my son shopping!


  9. The suede crocodile is just… breath-taking!!!

    The graphite and olive are in clemence, so i reckon that it’ll be a little more slouchy and stuff, eh?

    You going to buy it??

  10. James, I’m so with you – granny indeed. Birkin is a bit granny but still ok (when left open) but this one completely lacks femininity or grace.

  11. Cannot picture it with the strap on…..but sure it is useful! It always surprises me that they put a stap with the Birkin/Kelly does anyone every use them?


  12. Lottie, YES-when you have kids you will fancy them more. I carry a messenger type bag-or just a bag with long straps-especially when the kids and I are traveling..I have the YSL Rive Gauche in ostrich (tan) and black leather those have long straps I use them when I need to…I love them…


    PS..and speaking of GD-I am still DYING to get my hands on the bag Tina bought from Paris:( Lottie you should get on that for yourself!! 🙂

  13. Nope, not for me either. For sure too grandmotherly and not even a cute messenger bag. It doesn’t look sporty to me, it looks horsey. Would look good on the Brideshead set, hanging from a horse.

  14. B I am hopefully taking a trip to Paris with my mum very soon I will go for a look at the GD store…..let me know if I can be of any help to you….thanks so much for helping me with the B bags all three are being well used I love them! Had so may comments from friends!


  15. Manbag – i definitely understand your excitement over this bag (mostly because it’s man-friendly) and hermes in general…excellent craftsmanship, highest quality materials, blah, blah, blah…but i’m 22 and i just wanna have fun. and when i purchase an hermes bag (which i’m starting to rethink because they are overpriced imo), it WILL be exotic! anyway i did a little research (which i would only do for you or b) and i think the official price for this bag in 37cm is $7850, but there have been a lot of different quotes. i also found out that hermes is launching its first men’s store in the old luca luca store on mad ave!

  16. James-are you talking about Me (B)?

    How sweet are you?? (Gosh I hope you were talking about me)…lol..Did you happen to find out how long the strap is?

    Lottie! OMG!! dont temp me….I really so want the GD bag…I dream about it everyday (how sad am I?) my gal at Henri Bendel called me yesterday said she got every color in the Beirn bag, if anyone was wondering.

    Thanks SO much J and L..You guys ROCK!! 😉


  17. Hate to tease you all but that GD python bag is out of this world! Everytime I use it I feel like I need a bag-guard for it. People (as in my girlfriends) try to steal it all the time! I wonder if Kevin Costner is still working…

  18. Tina!! PLEASE!! don’t tease me 🙁 I am sad about not having this bag…lol..Really, I am. if I could only have one bag this year I would pick the python GD bag you got!

    Same color!!…I dont think you should post bags I can’t get my hands on!! lol…


  19. (evil laugh) Muhahahhaa- but it’s so f-u-n to feature bags that are unattainable 🙂 Kidding! No, I am not. I really do enjoy torturing people, it’s a special gift, really.


  20. Oh…My…God…

    Everyone knows I’ll be heading to the Hermès store in Downtown Toronto to buy this tomorrow, RIGHT?

    I was hoping they’d put this bag into production!


  21. OMG!! Tina, U crack me UP!!! But SO NOT funny at the same time, We dont live in the same town Y not share when I can buy as well…

    Believe you me I will get this bag, my pretty:0


  22. how cool is it that jpg wore this bag at the end of the hermes show…it’s definitely gonna be a hit with the fellas! so who else is concerned about the practicality of sueded croc???

    of course i was talking about you b. btw you and tina are too much. that gd bag is not all that (actually it is…i was just trying to make you feel better)!

  23. I have dementia and forgot to link to that photo of JPG until late yesterday.

    B- the bag will be available here by year’s end. Or you can hop on Air France to Paris and have it in your hands this week 🙂


  24. James, thank you so much for the information – you’re a dear!!! If you’re 22, I can understand your point of view better – I myself am around Tina’s age. I was going to get the Gucci tote/messenger in either the washed cocoa Gucci logo or the black suede but slapped myself around and brought myself back to reality – I can’t take that bag to work I said – it’s a great bag but has a very young and hip vibe. It will be perfect for you. This Heremes messenger would be perfect for me to take to work.

  25. James, LMAO!!! lol..Thx for trying to make me feel better!! =)

    YES, Im a bit concerned of the sueded croc.

    I love suede. I guess if you own as many bags as some of us, it doesnt matter.(hello? Who needs practicality anyway?)lol

    T-thx for the heads up on the bag.

    (hopefully I wont have to wait that long.)


  26. Tina…I didn’t realise you had such an evil side…which colours did you finally purchase in the GD pyhon…your such a diva needing a bagguard! lol

    B…you’ll love the bag even more as you’ve had to wait so long….otherwise I suggest we both hop over to Texas and raid Tinas bag wardrobe!!! =)

    If someone buys the suede croc let us know how it holds up…James I think for me that bag would be a disaster what with living in the WET climes of England!!!!


  27. Yes, I am quite evil at times 🙂

    I got the gun metal silver python, it’s divine. I highly suggest the ivory python as well, so perfect for winter whites.

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  28. B-for moderator!! =)

    Tina-I will need to know where I can buy the GD bag once it hits the states…PLEASE!!!!

    Lottie-thats a good idea!! lol…

  29. About that Gerard Darel python bag in creamy-white. I saw it in Printemps last week and was told it is made of nubuck and python. My daughter, my neice and I all felt that it felt chalky, which is a lame description, I know. My question is if anybody knows the process with which python scales are glued on to nubuck to create such a skin. It seems to me that we see more and more of these sort of short cuts to exotic handbag models. Of course crocodile or python will be lined in some sort of leather but what about the YSL bag that has crocodile embossed leather glued to canvas? You reviewed it and were dissapointed with the canvas, anybody buy the Kate Moss ad version?

  30. Tina….I would possibly like to be a moderator….but would like to know how much work etc is involved and if its too computer techie I may be useless at it!!!!

    I thought you where buying more than the gunmetal GD bag?!

    Also I noticed on Couture Snob the Hermes belt you picked up…I love the belt but am not sure what you would wear it with…how do you wear it…smart/casual? They do a braclet version that I have always fancied!