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Hermes Collection to kill for!


Private Hermes Collection.  Photos courtesy of Katherine L.

After all this talk of cheap thrills and $50 bags, I’m starting to feel a bit off. Thank goodness my new friend Katherine saved me with photos of her fabulous collection of Hermes!  Get ready to drool my lovelies, Katherine is the proud owner of 74 Hermes bags– mostly birkins and kellys but with a few constance and other styles thrown in. She has the most impressive Hermes collection I have ever seen (and one the largest in the world!) Jump for entire collection!


Exotics are a must in any respectable Hermes collection. Drool!!!  Needless to say, I am going to plan a play date in her bag closet soon!  Check out the ostrich birkins below…  amazing!  That indigo has my name all over it as does the purple lizard.  Swoon!!!!  I should show my hubby this collection, he will think I am frugal if he ever saw this!!!





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  1. Thank you Tina and Katherine for showing us!! I was totally depressed thinking about PVC and cheap handbags all morning. This just reminded me why we love handbags to begin with! DROOLING ALL OVER MY COMPUTER SCREEN!!!

  2. HOLY ****!!! this is just amazing! I’m sure the picture does not do justice to all those gorgeous bag! It just goes to show that Hermes have so many gorgeous colors and leathers!!! I would love to see this collection in person! Your friend is a lucky lady!!! Ping

  3. hi tina! i was supposed to meet you the same day paz and katherine did, but got held up with another appointment! i’ve been hearing so many great things about you from them ever since and i hope to have the opportunity again to meet you soon! btw: even my hubby says katherine’s hermes is a DREAM collection!!

  4. it was just what i needed to pick me up

    been having a lousy day!

    Hermes bags are the new ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’ as far as im concerned

    WOW this is beautiful! thank you Katherine and Tina for sharing this with us!


  5. What is the point, exactly, of these photos? Are we meant to swoon with envy? Be impressed by the acres of Hermes?? Does this collector get her daily buzz standing in her closet? How sad.

  6. I love a beautiful bag but I echo some of the other posters. It’s a tad excessive. You can only wear one bag at a time after all.

  7. Ummm…rough calculation estimates this collection cost more than my ivy education…. (and in this economy worth a heck of a lot more also!) i wonder if this is the collector featured in “Bringing Home Birkin”.

  8. I agree it is a dream collection, but just think how many MILLIONS of dollars is in that collection? I just couldn’t spend it all at Hermes. I just want one…maybe two. lol. Not 50 crocodiles worth of bags. but it is a beautiful rainbow.

  9. Katherine is a collector in the truest sense. Let’s not be ugly here, the photos are meant to entertain us and for our viewing pleasure. I for one loved getting a glimpse of this magnificent collection.

    I imagine this one day will exhibit at a fashion museum…

  10. A little excessive…try a WHOLE LOT excessive!!! What is the point of this??? I love my bags too, but…maybe she needs a life!!!

  11. This goes to show the extensive array of colors and skins that Hermes is known for and has produced throughout the years! One has to be quite the fashion connoissuer to even appreciate and understand any of this! To most handbag buyers, they all look the same. To true handbag collectors, each bag is a rare and fabulous gem! Great job Katherine!

  12. I think the money on these bags could be better spent whether on herself or those in need. I’m sure most of the bags just end up sitting in her closet admired neither by her or others.

  13. Hermes bags are better investments than most stocks in the market. They never lose their value and you can cash in at current retail or more 🙂

    Beyond that though, Katherine is a collector and she loves her bags and carries all of them. There are 365 days a year afterall 🙂

  14. I agree with Mariena..This seems like a sad display of the mindless materialism that too many people seem to let consume their lives these days. Owning nice bags is all well and good, but when it gets to a collection that is getting into the high 6 digits to 7 digits, that just seems completely excessive. When will one person ever need this many bags? I sincerely hope that she is an extremely generous contributor to charities if she can justify spending so lavishly on herself.

  15. Assuming that every one of these bags is $7,000 (which they aren’t), this collection is worth over $500,000. I’m of two minds about this. I’m pretty sure that roughtly all of the posters commenting about how “sad” this is are wishing they had money to blow like that. So… Yeah. Simmer down a bit.

    On the other hand, I agree that it’s excessive. 74 bags in general, 74 bags by the same designer moreso, dozens of bags with the exact same silhouette is crazy to me. But if she chooses to spend her money that way, so be it. You don’t know, maybe she gives just as much to charity, or maybe she volunteers (actually volunteers, not lame-ass “I hosted a giant party in favour of x”, which is poseur central). We don’t know, so, maybe the personal insults are unnecessary?

  16. Hear Hear Katey!

    From the mouths of babes… for being so young (as you often point out in your comments) this is the wisest comment yet.

    Who cares how Katherine spends her money? She works hard for it and she and her husband are generous contributors to multiple charitable efforts…

  17. “Oh, la, la” could not be used in a more appropriate way!

    People with the cash can be, and often are, collectors. Be it paintings, antiques or stocks….this is a museum quality array, and who are any of us to judge what is a noble collection vs. a superficial one. Time will tell.

    Seriously, does Hermes know this exists? There must be something grand you could do with them along a display/charity line.

  18. what i find most interesting is the willpower (?) needed to be a collector. i think i have an anti-collector mindset. i’d rather have one of something that i love and wear it every single day til i get sick of it and it’s totally beat up. if i had this many immaculate birkins (or anything else) i think i’d go crazy and try to carry twelve of them at a time, rather than let the other 73 sit neglected 🙂

    i do hope that each one is special to her in some way, and has a story… isn’t that the point of collecting? not just “well they came out with a new color…”

  19. What a lovely collection! Katherine, thanks so much for sharing these photos with a group that really appreciates it.

  20. Congratulations on a beautiful collection Katherine, each to their own I say. We each have our own interests and if you can afford it why not ? I seriously think those who say its excessive or ‘sad’ are a little ‘green’. Who are they to say you’re sad, they don’t know a thing about you and your financial situation and so shouldn’t be judging you in any way whatsoever…

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  21. Hi there! Sorry you missed our event, we had so much fun!! Hope to meet you soon!

    And yes, I showed my hubby briefly this morning and he just shook his head 🙂

  22. I have to agree with Kaytey. It is not for anyone to judge how other people spend their money, whether it’s on stocks, jewelry, bags, shoes or paintings. These bags are north of $550K since most of them are exotics. That is irrelevant since this person is probably in a financially secure position and this probably does not represent a fraction of her networth. While I am sensitive to the current economic situation, it is not up to anyone to be judgemental. I have a feeling the ones that are catty do not own a Birkin or they would not make those comments. These bags are truly works of art. As Tina pointed out, these bags have retained their values and went up in prices! (unlike stocks!) In addition, Gucci and Hermes were the two retailers that saw growth this year, while most of the retailer went down! as did most companies. I, for one, want to thank Tina and her lucky friend for showing us these bags, it gave a good idea what color looks good in what skin. Remember, we are on this website b/c we love bags! Tina, keep up the good work! Ping

  23. Thanks, Ping! This was meant for our viewing pleasure…. not sure why everyone got so up in arms about how other people spend their money?

    In any case, we should thank Katherine for sharing her photos. Now if I can just get her to send me a few of the crocs…….. kidding!!!

  24. Ugh, what a horrible, mean spirited blog you have, Donna. I’d be ashamed to post that URL anywhere, because it says much about your character.

  25. OMG it’s bananas!!!! How does one choose which one to carry? Or is it only regarded as art and hardly used? Both ways I love the obsessive passion behind all the apparent maddness…

  26. this Katherine lady puts Posh to shame! (well actually, all of us ..esp b/c i dont even own ONE). she honestly must have collected every single one that Hermes has put out !!!! i love you tina, for getting juicy photos like these. now what about posting YOUR purse closet treasure chest??

  27. Tina,it’s called jealousy:)..anyway, would love to see your closet again:). I am sure your collection has grown even more since the inception of your website, i know mine has! Your H collection may even rival your friend’s:) My husband calls my H habit an obsession!

  28. to be honest, all of us are jealous, aren’t we? otherwise we won’t be the reader of!

    we simply enjoy something beautiful in our lives! try to find a passion like Katherine.

    btw, Gucci? Gucci cannot be compared with Hermes. Hermes isn’t doing fashion, but a story and being legend!

  29. okay a couple questions?

    1. How can see afford all those?!!

    2. What is her job…or was she born into wealth because I mean you have to admit that is a looooooot of money right there?

    3. whats her job again cuz I wana be that two all I want is one Brikin!

    okay maybe 2 one to preserve

  30. Crazy, gosh! Thanks for a great photo.

    Did anyone else have this reaction? I really did think, hmm..funny how they don’t look half as beautiful when they are all lined up higgly piggly on a couch. Somehow seeing them Shenzhen-style seems to trivialise the romance.

    I think the world Can be very fair- which almost everyone who commented seems obsessed about. You probably do love your one Birkin baby more fiercely if you’ve really waited and wanted one forever, so I don’t see how it matters that Katherine has many.

    It is a very impressive and rare collection, must have brought her a lot of joy and one day, maybe it’ll be in a musuem!

  31. We all like different things… some peeps like handbags some collects paintings, art etc some people like only Hermes… I love H bags and to you dear Katherine you are truly a collector… you will be surprise there are many ladies out there who have the same huge and wide collection of Hermes…


  32. How do you know what kind of money ‘we’ have? The thing is, for me anyway, this has nothing to do with how much money this woman has spend. I couldn’t care less, really.

    I do think it shows an utter lack of imagination and it sue doesn’t have anything to do with fashion.

  33. What a wonderful collection of Hermes Handbags. I enjoyed looking at each and every one. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    As for the negative comments from some of your readers- All I can say is that I am sorry for you..

    Envy is the art of counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of your own. ~Harold Coffin

  34. Hi Tina

    I want to thank Katherine for sharing her fabulous collection, I would love to hear more about when her collection started….I’m sure she has magical stories/memories to tell about each bag….where they all from the same location or did she globe trott for this fantabulous collection?

    Oh and when you get your mitts on one of her crocs see if you can extract an oistrich for me =)


  35. I’ve looked at MelliesMom10’s collection (all 130 of them) and what I find odd about that is someone with that kind of money would not have a home with such cheap furniture and cheap walls/woodwork. It doesn’t add up. IMO.

  36. this photo is magnificent…. all the negative comments are from envious people. who are they to judge? it’s not as if you are going around boasting to random people on the street/ people who have just lost their jobs; bagSNOB is both a pragmatic advisory for real life and an escape of luxury and decadence. thanks for the photo!

  37. Runghi, i was NOT comparing the quality of Gucci to Hermes..i was merely stating their financial situation in today’s market comparing to other retailers. Hermes are on another level than all the other bags, that’s why tina has nicknamed the “holy grail” of bags…. just clarifying my original comment.

  38. wow…the turn this innocent display of art took. Who cares what she does or if she’s from money. I agree with Tina. This is a major investment being that they won’t lose value. If anything, the rarer the bag, the more it will be worth. I believe there are some collectors out there that have more bags than this. myself don’t even have one. The most I’ve ever treated myself to was 2 Hermes planners and 2 scarves and a shawl.

    I’m sure with the amounts of bags I’ve owned and kept, I may be able to afford a good 10 or 15 of these. It has not been my taste to do so. It doesn’t take away from the fact that this individual has wonderful taste.

    Enjoy your collections and hope she enjoys her Hermes collection as well.

  39. Because she calls people names and makes mean remarks. She was apparently banned from some place called the PurseBlog (Forum?) and this looks like her way of getting back at people there – by calling them names and making snide remarks about their collections. Very infantile.

  40. The expression ‘possessed by her possessions’ comes to mind. I know someone who boasts of a similar collection when in fact a fair number are really good fakes. I guess whatever floats your boat so to speak, but massive insecurity comes to mind. To each his/her own.

  41. It’s HER money to spend. How many of us have shoes nearing, or exceeding the 100 mark? If her thing is Hermes bags then let her indulge herself. I’ve seen stamp/coin/shoe/wine/jewellery/doll collections…. and a bunch of beautiful bags should not be sniffed at. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Woweee, GORGEOUS collection! People don’t be jealous! Everyone wants to see gorgeous bag collections, now when a fabulous bag collection is posted, everyone is hating! Gosh, make up your minds! Katherine, you are one lucky gal!

    Now, I was just in Paris and saw multiple Birkins in the display window. Tina, are these for sale or display only. I would love love love to get a Birkin, but unfortunatley did not go in the store to ask if they were for sale.

  43. I personaly think that you have a fantastic collection and anyone that left those mean spirited comments is simply envious! I am a bag collector myself and have encountered some of the same- in person… Enjoy it- Iknow that I love all of my Hermes bags!

  44. While she was on that board she made herself a nuisance by messaging people who owned (authentic) bags intrusive and nasty comments about their bag collections.

  45. Weylin, I just want to say your “Shenzen-style”comment cracked me up! The last time I was in Shenzen was almost 10 years ago and back then it was the Fendi baguettes that were lined up this way on the streets of Shenzen:)!

  46. I think that Katherine has an enviable collection and I enjoy these photographs.

    Katherine may collect and purchase what ever she desires. It is really no one’s business how she spends her money.

    Melliesmom10 also may collect as many Hermes bags as she desires. It is not for anyone to dictate how she chooses to spend her money.

    She stated that she has 130,and I don’t think that I am alone in wishing to see that collection?

    I have never questioned authenticity, ownership or financial status?

    I have never called anyone names on the Purse Blog as Anonymous has stated.

    I would be interested in the specifics of the names or mean spirited comments.

    I did defend a friend when he was accused of not sending two scarves to melliesmom10,after she had paid for them.

    This friend is Michael Tonello, the author of “Bringing Home The Birkin”

    He had never been contacted by anyone about not receiving two paid for scarves. He fully insures his sales and would have made certain the buyer was reimbursed.

    I have the utmost respect for Tina and the hardworking members of her team.

    I think this is one of the best fashion sites on the web.

  47. You call people names on YOUR blog, the one you direct people to with your URL above. You call someone named melliesmom10 “Smelliemom”, you call someone named kwittman “Kwitlesswoman”. Are you in kindergarten or something?

    I suppose you think it’s very witty to call people names like that. They are all comments you have made on your own blog, which you’ve proudly directed people to, and I’m sure people can make an adequate judgment of you by reading your blog posts.

  48. Wow, makes me really curious what she does for a living! I have no doubt that she owns more Hermes than Victoria Beckham! Stunning collection!!

  49. I was having another bad day and returned to this particular page because i remembered the feeling of joy i got viewing such lovelies. Thank You Katherine and Tina for sharing this with us!

    Some comments that have been made about this collection however are an indication of the fact that an understanding and aesthetic appreciation for Hermes and what the brand stands for is lacking in certain people.

    This collection is not about having or not having money.

    It is simply a collectors passion being shared with those who are similarly passionate about the same thing.

    Being a collector is ‘slightly’ different from being a show off.It is very personal,its about you and not showing off to other people,it brings personal joy.As a collector,sharing it with those who are on a forum dedicated to celebrate bags is sharing that joy your hard earned collection gives you.

    Admitting that this is not your thing is one thing but making comments on Katherine as a person without understanding the nuances of ‘collector’ is a show of ignorance and very uncalled for

  50. It is cute in a way but quite hoggish and glutton-like in another. Maybe she’s has 10 daughters? or maybe she’s trying to fill a deep deep hole somewhere.

  51. Sasha, I SO agree with you, being able to buy these high end bags has nothing to do with showing off, or to say hey look at me I am wealthy, for me it is a great passion of mine, I am a collector as well. I collect for ME!! and for me ONLY!!! I LOVE BAGS!! have been collecting them since my late teens, (20 years now) I am not sure why some of these people feel the need to say such rude things, everyone needs to read kelly’s post on the womens conference, We are ALL sister’s here, we need NOT to be rude and say things like

    “she needs to get a life” or “trying to fill a deep hole”

    or whatever else was said, My goodness ladies, show some class, Tina put this here for us NOT to insult Katherine.

    T&Katherine, Thanks for sharing this with us, I for one loved seeing this…They are ALL lovely!! =)

  52. Ladies….this is a sickness.

    A fantastic sickness, but a sickness none the less.

    I’m wondering what the total cost of all these are. I guess one birkin/kelly bag is not enough judging by the vast collection. Two words….Holy Grail!!!!

  53. I doubt that anyone is still reading these posts, but just one last thought for those who says it’s none of our business how Katherine spends her money–the minute she decided to post her “collection” all over Bagsnob, it became our business. Our opinion was sought, and we have responded. And no, most of us are not jealous. The only people who have seen my 3 Hermes bags simultaneously are my daughters, when they were in my closet. Who cares how many I have?! I am not jealous of Katherine. I don’t even need 3 really, but they are lovely to have. And they are OLD. Just something to keep in mind–when you decide to share your extravagant excess with the world, the world will have opinions, and you may not like them.

  54. I think I am going to go back to admiring the bags and not read the comments. I hate to think of the company I am in based on some of the comments on here. The “poor” ladies are too mean and the “rich” ladies are too scary. Really they’re just bags. Clearly they’re not helping anybody with being a better person so we should all just chillax and stop giving bags more value than they’re worth.

  55. FYI: katherine did not post these pictures herself! can you post your own pics on this site?? lemme answer that one for you…NO! if you don’t like what the owners of bagsnob post on their own blog, don’t be reading it then!

    btw, if you say “who cares how many i have” referring to your hermes bags, then why do you feel the need to write it twice that you have 3!? if you don’t “really even need 3” as you’ve written, then send them to katherine! LOL i’m sure she’ll appreciate having them in her collection, cause you know….she’s a true hermes collector!!

  56. Sasha and B, I echo your sentiments!!! I have always loved beautiful bags and shoes and even when I was young and starting out (read poor:) I always bought that one “special bag” rather than buying junk and i still have all those bags and use them. I buy them for MYSELF and I’m on this website b/c I’m so happy to find others who share my passion and love for gorgeous bags. While it’s is fine for people to criticize bags, it is so WRONG to judge this woman twho is kind of enough to open her closet for our viewing pleasure! so big THANKS to Katherine! Ping..b.s. B, you probably have a collection that rivals this:)

  57. ok people, if you don’t want to see this, why are you on this website?? this is a BAG website, in case you guys forgot this! I really appreciate tina showcase this b/c now i have an idea what color looks good on what leather. While I’m completely aware that we have a financial crisis going on in the world, it’s people like Katherine that keep the retailers in business!!! by the way, it’s not by accident the Hermes website got so MANY comments!!! it’s b/c they are BEAUTIFUL!!

  58. Yes, People will give their opinions, But MY GOODNESS, she owns loads and loads of Hermes and you all have something RUDE to say about that?? WOW!!! How can you have something rude to say about owning to MANY BAGS!?!? ONE canNOT own TO MANY BAGS!!! ESPECIALLY HERMES!!!!!

    N~~You are funny, lol, got a giggle from your comment about giving her bags to Katherine….so funny!!!

  59. With a heart as mean as this, it really doesn’t matter what kind of bag you own anymore. You lack sensitivity and empathy for the majority of this world.

  60. How different is this than a guy (or woman) who collects rolex watches…or artwork… or houses…or jewelry… the fact is that some people have the money and the interest to be collectors of very expensive things beyond the reach of most people… and that’s the way the world is.

    I am always so saddened to see women judging other women in this manner.

  61. With the current situation of the global economy now, this post seems so out of place. I do like my handbags and purses but I cannot help but feel the irony of the world sometimes.

    I know this site is meant to entertain and inform us about – what else – bags. I am JUST SAYING.

    It’s even sadder that many comments say that people who were more against Katherine and her hundreds of bags, or at least had praise and awe missing from their posts, were only either jealous or mean spirited.

    Not everyone loves bags and understands the logic behind collecting them, and more importantly, please consider that not everyone (even the rich) would spend a lot of their money on bags.

    Cheers, to Katherine and Bagsnob. 🙂

  62. I disagree..the ostrich bags are disgusting as always. they look as if they need calamine lotion or a graft.

    plucked giant chicken is not chic, IMO. The others are fab save that horrible shearling Kelly.

    Hermes goofs too… the daschund-like JPG, the balding Troikas, Amazonia, diamond-encrusted ‘bling’ hardware etc. …Vomitorious.


    If she thinned her herd a bit, it’d make for a more beautiful as opposed to merely acquistive collection.

  63. I wonder how all this makes “Katherine” feel. She shared her collection with Tina and now she’s subject to so much hatred and nastiness.

    I sincerely hope she has thick skin. This is why I would never share.


  65. WoW!

    Being in this business I think what I really like in all of this is the different colors and skins. This is a collection for someone who really collects bags. All the ranges of colors speaks volumes of a collector.

    Very nice!

  66. WoW!

    Being in this business I think what I really like in all of this is the different colors and skins. This is a collection for someone who really collects bags. All the ranges of colors speaks volumes of a collector.

    Very nice!

  67. WoW!

    Being in this business I think what I really like in all of this is the different colors and skins. This is a collection for someone who really collects bags. All the ranges of colors speaks volumes of a collector.

    Very nice!

  68. It just looks like new money. It’s quite obvious Katherine probably didn’t grow up with those type of things. Most people that post things like that online for the validation from strangers are desperate for attention. For those of you that are jealous, try to find higher goals for yourself. Vapid women are so tragic.

  69. I really don’t understand why all of you get mad for those bags…

    It’s a simple bag…nothing than normal…and I say so that it’s a little bit “Out”, old and without anything else…

    just a lot of bags in mad colors…and horrible ones…

    so many good new arrivals and you are still in Birkin bags? comon, gimme a fucking break!

    it’s old! look to the future!

  70. This is truly pathetic. The saddest part of it is, this person probably does not give a single cent of her money to charity. Sad what the world is becoming

  71. i cant express my feelings..just wanted to say..i bet shez in heaven with all those H bags around her..uhh love them so much…

    if she thinks of selling any of them… send me an email

    or else…live with H in peace..gorgeous collection..fantastic…

  72. i used to love bagsnob.but this post has just made me feel sick and disgusted.

    are these the kind of people bagsnob ‘adores’ and features now?

    what are we to make of this post?

    that there is a very sad woman out there who loves to shop for just one kind of a very expensive bag? money she could have given to charity or put to a better cause.

    and no i m not jealous of her fact i am very happy i am not her.

  73. uhm yeah $7,000 is just for the small leather ones. the exotics start at about $12,000 and end at about $168,000. the generic croc bags retail for around $20,000. and as for a 25cm ostrich birkin(which i own 3 of) i paid around 13,000 for including tax.

  74. Oh come on some people~

    Don’t tell others you are not obsess with something?

    There are people who splurge on shoes

    There are people who splurge on clothes

    There are people who splurge on cars

    There are people who splurge on fine jewelleries.

    Come on~ the list just never-ending.

    So what is wrong with an obsession on bags?

    Everyone has aims and wants that keep them going, inspiring them to look forward to achieve what they love. By seeing so many rude remarks, it makes me feel that some people are really belonging to the “ignorant” catergory.

    I am truly amazed by Katherine’s H collection, thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Im truly motivated by you

  75. great bags. but i don’t think everybody can offerredd one. wow, got a good palce for BagLover to get your href=””>hermes birkin hermes kelly href=””>prada handbags at pretty good price.

  76. great bags. but i don’t think everybody can offerredd one. wow, got a good palce for BagLover to get your href=””>hermes birkin hermes kelly href=””>prada handbags at pretty good price.

  77. WOW!,big congrats to you,if having all theses bags make you happy,then smile and have a great collection.I myself would be happy with just five(have 3).But if your living the life,and have a social dairy longer than the president,so be it.You clearly can afford them.Be it clothes shoes,guns,or whatever people collect.people hoard as have a need for nasty comments.Just look and wish well.NOW if you wanna part with any,…….im over the pond:)ENJOY

  78. I think it’s entirely possible to look at all those bags and not feel jealousy. While I wouldn’t cry if I had that type of $, I wouldn’t blow it on that many bags.

    If someone has $ for this, fine. But posting it publicly and not expecting at least some negative reaction is absurd.

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  80. My favorite: Hermes! And Katherine; you go girl! Fabulous! I think it’s great! What good is money if we don’t enjoy it and spend it? We can’t take it with us.

    You can never have too many Birkins and Kellys. I believe itis a must to have one of every skin in every color, but then again, I’m an Hermes Girl and I can’t get enough of them.

    They are a must, especially for those of us who collect great, well-made bags. These bags are well-made. They are the Cadillac/Mercedes/Rolls Royce of bags. You either want the best or something that breaks down. These bags last forever and are a great investment.

    Go Katherine. I’m on my way to keeping up with you.

    Ladies; never buy fakes, all it is, is counterfeit and worthless junk made by China. Get something well-made thatlasts and you can pass down.

    Those who think it foolish that we Hermes girls buy Hermes bags have their opinion, we have ours: we love Hermes and we buy them because they are gorgeous and hand-crafted so well, they never fall apart. They are worth it.

    Go Katherine! Go all of Hermes gals!


  81. Katherine & Tina, thanks for sharing

    I really want to know what Katherine’s career is so that I can follow her step. I would feel like heaven if I had a Hermes collection just half of this.

    From Lisa “Go Katherine! Go all of Hermes gals!” ^_^


  82. K is either super wealthy, super hot with super stupid beaus, or super-indebted. They’re lovely, to be sure, but unless I see a receipt, I’m going to say that either one or more of the above is true or perhaps not ALL of them came from reputable stores..

  83. I was wondering what a typical basic hermes bag costs for a first timer? Which one should I get? A Kelly? How much is it anyway non croc. Just basic leather.

  84. What a beautiful and stunning collection! I would die for just one Hermes Birkin or Kelly but I am ashamed to admit it but there is no way I could ever afford one:( Ever since I saw Posh carrying a beautiful pink bag I fell in love. Someday, someday maybe I will be able to afford one if I start saving now at 24 then by the time I am 70 I can. Beautiful, beautiful collection that you should be proud of. You are truely lucky and blessed.

  85. Someday, someday maybe I will be able to afford one if I start saving now at 24 then by the time I am 70 I can. Beautiful, beautiful collection that you should be proud of. You are truely lucky and blessed.

  86. I bought a great replica a few months ago. I think that it depends on size, but it comes to $150-$200 if I remember correctly. Luckyly I could afford to buy even several and they are actually great replica. The seller was poshandclassy (.com)I actually don`t believe that those here are real.. It`s stupid to pay so much money just for a label, when for a few hundreds you could afford a bag, looking exactly the same, whith great quality. Everything is what it looks like! 🙂

  87. Amazing collection! thank you for sharing! I showed it to my DH and told him how much the collection must have cost but he said he would rather spend the money on a ferrari! haha Men!

    Like others have said it is your money darling you go ahead and spend it to collect whatever you want. I don’t like cars wine and I don’t get art so if I could I would be buying whatever bags made my heart sing. thank you again for sharing and I hope that your collection brings you a lot of joy.

  88. Lucky her. I’m falling in love with every bag she’s got there. Does that make me a flirt? I couldn’t afford one but I got lucky. Stormed into a fairly used one a local hung in her shop and guess what? She didn’t know the value. I got it for less less than $22 but in our (Naira)Nigerian currency. Its the black birkin bag and I’ve been rocking it for over a year now. Too bad the padlock is faulty,don’t know how to go about that.

    1. Hehehe lucky YOU! Does she have any more? This lady has a great collection I have to admit, but I just don’t know if I will spend all my money on more birkins. I am blessed hubby let me buy the two 35cms I have 🙂 That’s a bummer about the padlock. Maybe you can find one on eBay. Look for it, you never know!

  89. I really love to have atleast one Pink Hermes Bag…I’m gonna buy one after I paid off my 4th house…I have to secure my future first before I spend ridiculously for ONE PIECE of bag hehe 🙂

  90. omg! Omg! Omg!
    in your eyes only! love love love all the bags…thanks for sharing .

    I love bags,unfortunately i cant not afford ..a .berkin bag…
    Maybe when my business flourish i will get the cheapest berkin. I love the pink its lovely.