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A New Era at Burberry


If you think Burberry bags equate checkered pattern madness think again. I’ve been a fan of Christopher Bailey’s ready to wear for years; sleek dresses and fitted little jackets are his signature and now he finally strikes a chord with the bag line. I spent a lot of time at Burberry while in London (is it me or do they have better stock than their American counterparts?)– I was obsessed with a metallic python trench coat and went to try it on daily as part of my afternoon walk in Mayfair. I did not bring the trench home (though still think of it often) but the daily visits gave me a better look at the bags. The brand has not been known for its bags (think the 100 pound warrior bag) but this season may change everything. From the Lowry (in black and nude above) to the Aylsbury (above in brown), the bags show promise. I am not crazy about the logo on the bottom but am hoping for continued improvement. My only issue with these bags are the prices, at $2,995 it is not worth the investment. What do you think of Burberry bags? Buy Burberry Prorsum at



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  1. I have one Prorsum duffel from S/S 07 which I love, but I’ll be hard pressed to buy another Prorsum bag ever again after the horror I witnessed this season. I had my eye on a Burberry Prorsum bag from the current fall line for months. It came in and I took it into the dressing room to inspect it. The stitching on the bag was HORRIBLE!!! All over the place. I looked at a different style of bag – two bags of the same style – same story – stitching was all over the place!!! We are talking 3K bags here. It was clear to me that those bags were stitched in China and sent to Italy to put the handles on to get the Made In Italy label.

  2. But just so you don’t think I’m trashing the company, I do buy Prorsum RTW regulary – Bailey is a genius and the CLOTHES are always well made.

  3. These bags are certainly a huge step in the right direction, but they are way overpriced. RTW is fab and priced appropriately, I think. Last year I was obsessed with the coats and I still love them this year.


  4. As I already commented in Purse blog, I think that there still are lots of people,who are charmed and feel comfortable with the traditional Burberry check and the reasonable price for the bags. Why bother to change it? The models shown above don´t create an ahaa reaction. Look alike bags are on the markets already, and you can buy` secure´ designer bags at a lower price. I have never had a Burberry bag myself, but I used to buy some for my daughters when they were young and the blue ones were really cute. They still are.

  5. When people think Burberry, big bags with bold checks come to mind, but their un-checked bags are actually really nice. I really like the warrior bag (without the studs) and the metallic drawstring shoulder bag.

  6. These seem uninspired, though desperate for a new direction. And the price point does nothing to justify the quality, of made in China, assembled in Italy.

    But, I do prefer to occasion check styles, as oddly enough, they do seem to go with everything.

  7. I own the Lowry bag in nude and i love it! It’s big and roomy. It can be worn on the shoulder or messenger style. The only thing is it’s quite heavy.

  8. I love the Lowry bag in black pleats. It’s such a great bag. Christopher Bailey is somewhat of a boy wunderkind. Love him